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California Fails to Comply with Federal Law Aimed at Improving Foster Youth’s Educational Stability

Despite a long history of supporting foster youth’s academic success, California failed to comply with a federal deadline requiring all states to submit plans on how to pay for those students’ transportation to school.

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Federal Report Shows Continued Growth in Foster Care Population

The number of children and youth in foster care has risen for the third consecutive year, according to recently released federal data. Reading below the top line, though, Youth Services Insider sees one figure that suggests that we could see a course correction soon.


Compton Trauma Lawsuit Near Resolution?

Nearly a year ago, pro-bono lawyers from Los Angeles-based Public Counsel made national headlines by launching a landmark class-action lawsuit against Compton Unified School District in federal court in Los Angeles, arguing that the district had failed to address issues of childhood trauma that prevented students from receiving a quality education.

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What Does Hilton Foundation’s New Leadership, Doubling Assets Mean for Youth?

As I discussed in my post last week on funders helping foster youth age out successfully, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is a significant funder in this arena, and definitely one to keep a close eye on if you are wondering about their future funding for child welfare.


California School Districts Need to Take on School Climate Challenge for Foster Youth

By Laura Faer Foster youth in California schools have a radically different educational experience than other students. Foster youth cope with the after-shocks of trauma as a result of abuse and neglect and out of home placement.


Cops, Group Homes and Criminalized Kids

Allyson Bendell wasn’t always the most well behaved girl, but that didn’t make her a criminal either. In the world of group homes, however, where staff who are often undertrained and overwhelmed try to manage the severe behaviors that foster youth disproportionately exhibit, calling the police, for some, has become a go-to method for controlling kids.


    Bill to Decriminalize Foster Youth Goes to California Senate

    A new bill that child advocacy groups are hoping will curb arrests of foster youth in group homes will likely be introduced today in the State Senate. The new legislation in its current form will trigger an investigation into group homes that call the police frequently on the criminal conduct of foster youth, limit out-of-pocket restitution demanded of foster youth and reduce time spent in juvenile detention centers.


    The Spear Tip of Child Maltreatment Prevention

    Any serious attempt to reduce child maltreatment, and its devastating effects on countless children who may or may not interface with child protective systems, requires a clear point of entry. On Nov.


    Isn’t it Ironic, Don’t you Think?

    By. Daniel Heimpel As the federal government works toward eased flow of information between the foster care system and education, the state that led the charge now aims to dam up the spring.