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Lawsuit Over Psychotropics and Foster Youth Will Move Forward

U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey ruled this week that a class-action lawsuit over Missouri’s use of psychotropic medications for youth in foster care can continue. The decision moves forward a case that could potentially set some precedent on an issue that heated up in the earlier half of the decade and has taken a back burner lately: the mental health rights and treatment of vulnerable children.


Report: Behavioral Issues, and Treatments, Plummet As Foster Youth Age Out

The number of teens in foster care who report behavioral problems and treatment for them plummets as they age out of care, according to a recent study based on a survey of California foster youth.


Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Missouri Failed to Monitor Psychotropic Drugs Prescribed to Foster Youth

A boy in Missouri’s foster care system known as M.B. was placed on six psychotropic drugs at once by the age of 12. During his two and half years in care, M.B.was


California Auditor Blasts Oversight of Psychotropic Medications for Foster Youth

A report from California’s state auditor found that children in the state’s foster care system were prescribed psychotropic medications without proper oversight from the counties responsible for their care. In response to a request from the California Joint Legislative Audit Committee about the use and oversight of these powerful medications, the office of the California State Auditor reviewed 80 case files for 80 foster children in Los Angeles, Madera, Riverside, and Sonoma Counties and analyzed existing statewide data.


Video: California Foster Youth Offer Mental Health Policy Recommendations

Earlier this month, the California Youth Connection (CYC) gathered members from its 33 statewide chapters at a conference in Los Angeles to develop a policy platform for the year ahead. An advocacy organization made up of current and former foster youth ages 14 to 24, CYC identifies four policy areas every year as part of its annual summer leadership and policy conference.


Foster Youth are Traumatized Enough: Why Psych Meds Should be Better Regulated

I had always been a good student, getting A’s and B’s, but everything changed in tenth grade when I failed English, one of my favorite classes. Although we were reading books I had read before and loved, like Brave New World, I couldn’t stay awake to participate in class discussions.


    California Bill Calls for Public Health Nurses to Oversee Psychotropic Medication of Foster Youth

    By Han Jiang A bill proposed in February would require the California Department of Social Services to create a new system where public health nurses monitor the prescription of psychotropic medications to foster youth.


    Concurrent Antipsychotic, Psychotropic Use Common Among Medicaid-Enrolled Children

    A new study from the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry suggests that children enrolled in Medicaid aren’t just seeing an increase in prescriptions of antipsychotic medicine.


    Guidelines for Psychotropic Medications for Children in State (Alaska) Custody

    A quick two-pager on Alaska’s guidelines for administering psychotropic medication to children in state custody in accordance with the policy laid out by the Department of Health and Social Services. To read the full report, please click here.