San Francisco Looks to Join List of Counties with Sex Trafficking Unit

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón is asking new Mayor Mark Farrell to let him install a Human Trafficking Unit in his office, a proposal that gained the support of a key women’s group in the city.


A Present for Pimps? New Loophole in Family First Act Would Bring Predators Closer to Prey

Florida: According to this news account, “child welfare officials are on the defensive this week after revelations that children in taxpayer-financed group homes are falling prey to sex traffickers.” California: A federal report notes that “victims were often recruited by sex traffickers and pimps from group homes.”

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Sex Trafficking and the Super Bowl

San Francisco is gearing up for Super Bowl 50 with plenty of discussions about whether this event will actually benefit the citizens of San Francisco or whether it is more likely to disrupt commutes, displace the homeless and diminish the city’s coffers without any appreciable advantage for Bay Area residents.


How A Nuisance Ordinance Could Threaten Housing for Current, Former Foster Youth

The Oakland City Council’s unanimous adoption of an amended Nuisance Eviction Ordinance (NEO) threatens the stability of some of our most vulnerable current and former foster youth, particularly those who have been or are currently victims of commercial sexual exploitation.


Five Things Sexually Exploited Youth Need to Thrive

WestCoast Children’s Clinic provides specialized services to sexually exploited youth, and conducts research and advocacy to improve protection and support for child trafficking victims. The following was written by Breanne, who was formerly sexually exploited.


Human Trafficking: Dark Side of the Super Bowl

by Mike Taylor Starting in mid-January, consumers in every state are inundated with advertisements promoting the Super Bowl and the activities that traditionally surround it. This crowning season finale for fans of professional football involves viewing parties, special game day food, speculations on the popular half time commercials and general celebration of America’s most popular sport.


    Children Are Always Victims in Sex Trade, But They Won’t Always Agree

    by Ellyn Bell The words child and prostitute should never be used together in the same sentence, at least and certainly not in the context of the word “child” modifying the word “prostitute”.


    Oakland Schools Teach Trafficking Prevention in Schools

    By Lynsey Clark While the schoolrooms are empty for the last bit of summer, a task force of Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) administrators have been planning ways to prevent child sex trafficking before it starts.


    Some Trafficking Victims “Rescued” by FBI Have Been Arrested

    by Lynsey Clark and John Kelly Note: This story was updated on Aug. 5 with new information from Michigan The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced this week that a recent law enforcement sweep led to the arrest of 152 pimps and the “recovery of more than 105 children who were being victimized through prostitution.”