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Family First Clearinghouse Approves Five New Programs

The clearinghouse that greenlights foster care prevention services approved five new programs that states can finance by drawing down federal funds aimed at lessening the use of foster care.

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ACF Launches New Office Dedicated to Preventing Domestic Violence

The Administration of Children and Families has launched a new office aimed at addressing domestic violence. 


Taking Prevention Upstream Inside Child Welfare Systems

Child welfare agencies can and should move their efforts further upstream, stopping the traumatic and harmful sorting through families that currently happens at their front door. That is the highest and best outcome that could result from any of the reform work emanating from inside child welfare systems — changing how they work with families at their front door. 

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Family First Clearinghouse


Eight New Programs Approved, Ten Rejected By Family First Act Clearinghouse

he federal clearinghouse that approves foster care prevention services has cleared eight new programs, including a Utah program aimed at instilling confidence and communications skills in parents and another parenting program designed for Black parents. 

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Executive Order Pledges Better Support for LGBTQ Youth


Biden Proposes Major Spending Shifts to Prioritize Kin, Foster Care Prevention

President Joe Biden released a budget proposal that included funds to prioritize kinship caregivers and prevent removals from foster care.

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Three Conversations Every Child Welfare System Should Have to Start 2022

Paul DiLorenzo describes three conversations that child welfare leaders in every state should be having as 2022 begins.

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    State Watchdog Says Nebraska Should Break Contract for Case Management


    Nebraska’s Foster Care Prevention Plan Approved by Feds

    Nebraska is about to greatly enhance its prevention aimed at building up families and curbing the state’s use of foster care. The state announced last week that the federal government has approved its plan to implement the Family First Prevention Services Act, a move that will allow Nebraska to tap into more money and services for families and children.


    Family Enrichment Centers Show Early Promise in New York City, Evaluation Reports

    New York City’s child welfare agency launched a bold small experiment in 2018: Three new community rooms deep in the city’s most under-resourced neighborhoods would offer comfy, staffed spaces for families to seek no-strings-attached advice and support, computer access, meeting space or children’s playtime, all at no cost.

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    It’s Time for State Prevention Services Systems

    As we navigate the effects of a global pandemic and economic recession, we have the opportunity to rethink the ways we provide services and supports to children and families before they find themselves in crisis.