“Foster Care vs. Family Preservation” Is the Wrong Debate

Recently The Chronicle of Social Change published a discussion between Sean Hughes and Richard Wexler. A good part of the discussion focused on the impact of IV-E being converted to a “block grant” versus remaining an entitlement.

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Family First Act Gains Three More Major Backers

In September of 2014, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities announced that it was developing a child welfare finance reform plan that it would promote with the help of American Public Human Services Association and the National Organization of State Associations for Children.


Wyden Introduces Bill To Overhaul Foster Care Entitlement

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), the ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, has introduced a bill that would significantly expand a multi-billion dollar federal entitlement program that currently funds only foster care services.


Reader’s Response to “Reevaluating Child Welfare Priorities”

On Monday, The Imprint published a column by Katie Jay, a member of our Blogger Co-Op. In it, Jay argues that the priority of the child welfare system has swung away from the safety of a child and toward parental rights.

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Child Welfare Finance Going Forward: Notes from The Roundtable

Just before Congress called it a summer, lead staffers for two Senate leaders on child welfare put together what amounted to a rapid-fire pitch meeting for child welfare policy ideas. Kathy Nuebel and Libby Whitbeck – staffers for Sens.


Grantmakers Call on Feds to Fund Better, but Time-Limited, Foster Care

Two major foundations called today for a restructuring of federal child welfare funds aimed at improving foster and kinship care, limiting the amount of time that federal funds can be spent on them for any one youth, and ending certain federal spending on group care.


    Nat’l Child Welfare Group Calls for Higher Goals, Community Accountability

    The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) published a manifesto this month calling for excellence in child welfare and accountability in communities this month, a document that balances best practices with a loftier vision for the field.