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Former Indiana Child Services Chief Tapped as Interim Judge


Former Indiana Child Services Director Tapped as Interim Judge

Former Indiana Department of Child Services director Mary Beth Bonaventura has been temporarily appointed family court judge in Marion County.

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Ballot Initiative Roundup

Last week, Youth Services Insider profiled some of the state ballot initiatives up for voters to directly decide on Election Day. Here is a quick update on what happened with those initiatives, along with results from a few local measures.


Youth Have The Power

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Last June, one of the teachers at my school organized a Zoom workshop in an effort to get high school students to register to vote in this year’s election.


Tonight’s Debate Is Missing the Only Candidate with a Detailed Child Welfare Plan

Tonight, the still-crowded Democratic field will face off in Los Angeles for a sixth primary debate. It will not include Julián Castro, one of the first people to throw his proverbial hat in the presidential race.


Federal Law Protecting Indian Children and Families Will Stand

Today a federal circuit court reversed a lower court’s ruling by affirming the validity of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), a law passed in 1978 to protect Native American families and children when nearly a third of Indian children were being removed from their parents and placed mostly with white families.


The Future of California’s Children: Delaine Eastin on the Issues

This week, The Imprint is publishing a series of posts from leading candidates running to succeed Jerry Brown as California’s next governor. The state’s longest-serving governor, Brown leaves behind a legacy of strong fiscal stewardship and emphasis on local control for many child-serving systems.


    Villaraigosa, Chiang and Eastin Face Questions on Children’s Issues at Upcoming California Governor’s Forum

    On May 15, California gubernatorial candidates, including Antonio Villairagosa, John Chiang and Delaine Eastin, will discuss the most critical issues facing the state’s 9.1 million children at a forum hosted by three Los Angeles-based nonprofit organizations.


    Does Political Party Influence the Rate of Youth Transferred to Adult Court in California?

    Come November, California is almost certain to deliver a hefty number of electoral votes to Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential election. As a whole, California is one of the nation’s bluest states, but that’s not necessarily the case for elected officials across its 58 counties, including district attorneys.

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    Five Decades of Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice and Party Platforms

    In terms of forward movement of policy, the party convention platform has little political value. It is not binding in any way on the candidate of the party and his or her administration.