Small Steps Lead to Big Results in Youth-Driven Policy and Practice Changes


Small Steps Lead to Big Results in Youth-Driven Policy and Practice Changes

We use our experiences in collaboration with system professionals to construct better outcomes for ourselves and others, writes Rayla James.

Federal Audit Shows Poor Record-keeping of Indiana’s Foster Youth on Psych Meds — and There are Many


Federal Audit Shows Poor Record-keeping for Indiana’s Many Foster Youth on Psych Meds 

A federal audit into psychiatric drug prescriptions for foster children in Indiana revealed hardly anyone was keeping complete records.

Mississippi Senate to Vote on College Scholarship Bill for Foster Youth


Mississippi Senate to Vote on College Scholarship Bill for Foster Youth

A Mississippi bill being considered by the state Senate would create a short-term scholarship program for students who spent their teens in foster care.


New York City’s “Family Defense” Movement Presses Case Against Child Welfare System in Public Hearings and Rallies

Thursday marked a raucous day of hearings in New York City, with parents protesting the overreach of the child welfare system.

Maine Plan for Keeping Families Intact Wins Federal Approval


Maine Governor Vetoes Closure of State’s Only Juvenile Lockup

Maine Gov. Janet Mills has vetoed the closure of the state’s only lockup youth facility, saying that shuttering it would pose a threat to public safety.

Top Maryland Court Offers Hope to Hundreds in Adult Prison for Crimes Committed as Kids


Minnesota Lawmakers Could End Routine Shackling of Children in Court

Perhaps the ninth time will be the charm for lawmakers who want to ban the routine shackling of juvenile defendants in Minnesota courtrooms. Every year since 2013, legislation to do so has fallen short.

    Colorado expands services for transitional foster youth.


    Colorado Expands Services for Transitional Foster Youth

    Colorado youth who have transitioned out of foster care can re-enter the system if they wish to access services expanded under a new state law.


    Groups Fighting for Black Lives Highlight Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare Systems

    Images broadcast during the Black National Convention held last Friday, organized by the Movement for Black Lives. (lower right: sign language interpreter)
    Dozens of Black-led advocacy groups nationwide are calling for an end to the criminalization of youth younger than age 23, and a disruption of systems that wrench newborn infants from their mothers’ arms shortly after they’ve given birth.

    Foster Youth Advocate Joins Biden Administration’s Child Welfare Agency Leadership


    Child Welfare Policymakers Need to Learn User Centered Design

    The American child welfare system is one of our nation’s greatest civil rights crises. It fails to meet its fundamental obligation: to protect abused and neglected children. Instead, it needlessly separates families – particularly black families – simply because they are poor and puts their children into foster care, where they often experience actual maltreatment.