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Canary in a Coal Mine? SAMHSA’s Clearinghouse Signals Larger Threat to Evidence-Based Policy

It started as a simple story. Once again, the Trump administration had demonstrated its reputed disdain for facts and evidence. This time it had revoked the contract of one of the federal government’s top evidence clearinghouses — one that reviewed studies of mental health and drug treatment programs to determine their effectiveness.

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Lester: Evidence-Based Timeline of Families First Act Might Be Tough to Fulfill

Patrick Lester, who for years headed the public policy shop for the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, now leads the Social Innovation Research Center. He’s pretty much a one-man show there as he builds the organization, and he has primarily focused the center’s attention on pay-for-success and social impact bonds.

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Pay-for-Success Watch: The Cleveland Case Study

As part of The Imprint’s continuing coverage of the pay-for-success (PFS) funding model emerging in the U.S., we share this case study of a promising Ohio project written by Patrick Lester of the Social Innovation Research Center.

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PFS Watch: What Winning Federal Grant Applications Tell us about Pay for Success

Social Innovation Center Director Patrick Lester has produced an analysis of the winning “pay for success” (PFS) projects funded by the federal Social Innovation Fund (SIF), under the umbrella of the Corporation for National and Community Service.