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You Have the Right to Refuse CPS Entry: Texas Launches Miranda-style Warnings to Parents Under Investigation for Child Maltreatment

A new Texas "Miranda" law designed to inform parents under investigation for child maltreatment of their due process rights is now in effect.


New York City’s Child Welfare Agency To Better Inform Parents Under Investigation 

Beginning next month some residents of low-income neighborhoods will soon be better informed of their rights when CPS comes knocking.

Michigan’s Highest Court Hears Challenge to Terminations of Parental Rights


Reunifications are Rare Under Minnesota Law to Restore Parental Rights

Minnesotans who've had parental rights terminated can petition to restore them. But most are denied, data from the Judicial Branch shows. 


NY Law Would Allow Parents to Stay in Touch with Kids After Losing Legal Rights

The law allows some parents who've lost parental rights to contact their children, even those who have been adopted into other families.


Strengthening Parents’ Rights: New York City Child Welfare Agency Says Not So Fast

The city's Administration for Children’s Services sought changes that advocates say essentially gutted CPS reform bills.


Another Try for Legislation In New York Giving Parents ‘Miranda’ Rights During CPS Investigations

A NY bill would require social workers to tell parents of their due process rights at the start of an investigation for child maltreatment.


    Texas Bill To Increase Rights for Parents Under Investigation Passes State House and Senate

    A Texas bill that aims to improve due process protections for parents involved in child welfare cases is headed to the governor's' desk.

    A new study estimated investigations into child abuse and neglect are more common than previously thought, especially for children of color.


    Minnesota Aims to Better Equip Parents Facing Termination of Parental Rights

    A new Minnesota law gives people facing termination of parental rights guaranteed access to appeals counsel and other services.


    Texas Should Tell Parents Their Rights When It Investigates Child Abuse Claims, Lawmaker Proposes

    Under a new bill in Texas, CPS caseworkers would have to notify parents of their legal rights at the beginning of an investigation.