Oregon Will Phase Out Use of Artificial Intelligence Tool in Child Welfare Cases


Oregon Officials Phase Out Use of Artificial Intelligence Tool in Child Welfare Cases

Oregon child welfare officials are replacing an algorithm used to help determine which families should be visited by child protective services with a new screening process.

Colorado Supreme Court to Hear Appeal Involving Indian Child Welfare Act


Federal Judge Allows Oregon Child Welfare Lawsuit to Proceed

A class-action lawsuit alleging that the state of Oregon has violated the rights of children in its child welfare system may proceed, a federal judge ruled last week.

Family Surveillance by Algorithm: The Rapidly Spreading Tools Few Have Heard Of


Family Surveillance by Algorithm: The Rapidly Spreading Tools Few Have Heard Of

The child welfare system uses algorithms, risk assessment and predictive analytics to monitor families and determine whether children are at risk of maltreatment.

Both branches of the Oregon state legislature have voted to codify provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act into state law.


Oregon House Sends Measure Recognizing Tribal Adoptions to Governor

Oregon lawmakers have voted to codify provisions of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act into state law and sent the bill to the desk of Democratic Gov. Kate Brown.


Unanimous Oregon House Backs Customary Tribal Adoption

The Oregon House of Representatives recently gave unanimous approval to legislation that would require state judges to accept tribal customary adoptions in cases involving Native American and Alaska Native children, ensuring that they can remain connected to their tribe.

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Federal Children’s Bureau OK’s Oregon’s Foster Care Prevention Plan

Oregon this week became the 12th state to win federal approval for a plan to prevent children from falling into foster care.


    Federal Judge OKs Suit on Behalf of Behaviorally Disabled Students in Oregon

    A federal judge has greenlighted legal advocates’ lawsuit seeking to represent all of Oregon’s behaviorally disabled schoolchildren who have allegedly been illegally deprived of their right to full-time schooling. Based on expert testimony presented by the plaintiffs, the case suggests a pattern of local public education agencies sending hundreds or thousands of students with behavioral health problems home early from school, Judge Ann Aiken ruled in U.S.


    Oregon’s Child Welfare System Hit With Lawsuit After a Rising Number of Foster Kids Sent to Institutional Facilities

      As the Oregon state legislature considers the fate of an increasing number of foster children sent to out-of-state institutional facilities, legal advocates filed a class-action lawsuit today in federal court designed to address the state of its “overwhelmed” child welfare system.


    Why Oregon Should Expand the Reach of Independent Living Programs for Foster Youth

    When I was 17, my bike was stolen. It was a pretty difficult situation for me. The year before, I had entered foster care with my 7-year-old sister. I depended on my bike to get me to my first job, which wasn’t very close to the foster home where my sister and I had been placed.