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Oklahoma Launching Program to Provide Counsel in Child Welfare Cases

The Oklahoma Legislature has approved a program to pay and train lawyers for children and parents involved in child welfare cases.


New Archive Sheds Light on Indian Boarding Schools Run by the Catholic Church

A long-awaited online archive, put together by Native researchers, may help boarding school survivors find answers.

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Pediatrician Turned Child Welfare Director Appointed to Lead Oklahoma’s Human Services Department

Pediatrician and director of Oklahoma’s child welfare agency, Deborah Shropshire, will now head the state’s Department of Human Services.

Grant Aims to Amplify Marginalized Voices in Oklahoma


Grant Aims to Amplify Marginalized Voices in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is looking for people from marginalized backgrounds who want to influence the state’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems.


Oklahoma Program Builds a Place for Siblings in Foster Care

In Oklahoma, if a sibling group of three kids is taken into foster care, there is about a one-in-three chance they will be split up. A few years ago, one of the state’s child welfare providers decided to do something about it.

Texas Not Moving Fast Enough to Move Foster Children out of Hotels and Offices, Attorneys Say


Legendary Child Rights Litigator Staffs Up to Storm the Big City

Marcia Lowry, the crusading child welfare attorney, works out of an office on Hardscrabble Road. She didn’t name this leafy suburban New York lane, but it suits her reputation: The slew of big-ticket settlements she’s secured against large foster care systems made her one of the nation’s most respected, winning and – in some quarters – loathed attorneys for vulnerable youth.

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    Faith-Based Laws and Foster Care: Destined for Supreme Court?

    Two more states have joined the ranks of those that have acted legislatively to guarantee the right of faith-based child welfare contractors to discriminate against parents – and in some cases children – whose lifestyles do not comport with the religious views of the organization.

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    Oklahoma Governor Signs Faith-Based Foster Care Bill, Kansas is Likely Next

    Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) signed into law a bill that permits the state’s faith-based child welfare partners to discriminate against same-sex couples, single or unmarried people, and possibly even LGBTQ youth.


    Oklahoma Senate Passes Faith-Based Protection Bill

    The Oklahoma State Senate has passed a bill to enable faith-based child welfare providers to discriminate against LGBTQ couples, and perhaps even children in the system. Senate Bill 1140 is authored by State Sen.