New York 21 lawmakers aging out foster care


‘There’s No Magic in Turning 21:’ New York Legislators Are the Last Hope for Young Adults in Foster Care

After earlier pleas to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) went unanswered, advocates for young adults in foster care are urging support for legislation that would extend housing and financial support beyond the current age limit of 21 during the coronavirus pandemic.

aging out foster youth asks gov. cuomo to moratorium


‘Once You Sign the Paper, It’s Over:’ Older Foster Youth Plead for Help from New York Governor 

When she turned 21 last year, seven years after entering foster care in New York City, Jeanette Rivera suddenly found herself fending for herself — and her three young children.  “They didn’t wait to make sure that I was ready to be on my own, they didn’t make sure I had food, that my bills were paid or that I even understood how to pay my portion of my rent,” Rivera said.

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Stuck on a Screen, Therapists Rush to Respond to Mental Health Crises Among Foster Youth

As New York enters its third month of sheltering at home, mental health counselors serving vulnerable children and families in the foster care system are racing to adapt their tried-and-true methods to a virtual connection.


Homeless in New York: Coronavirus Tells Teen, ‘Let Me Give You a Taste’

When Orlando first landed in New York in January, the 18-year-old dreamed of a life of independence and joining the heroic firefighters of the FDNY. He had completed high school in Silicon Valley last year through a special education plan and trained in handling hazardous materials.


Counselor Who Treated Kids with Laughter and Love Falls to Coronavirus

Eric Joseph always made sure the kids at Merrick House started their day off right. It didn’t matter that by the time they woke, he was finishing a 10-hour overnight shift at the Long Island home for children with mental health and behavioral challenges.


Anonymous Million-Dollar Donation Helps Feed New York’s Most Vulnerable

An anonymous donor has given $1.2 million to help some of New York’s poorest families buy food and necessities during the coronavirus shutdown — a windfall that staff at the New York Council of Nonprofits say comes without precedent. 

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    Lack of Shelter Beds in New York Leaves LGBTQ Youth At Risk During Pandemic

    Last week, a 19-year-old with nowhere to stay in a city being ravaged by coronavirus made a desperate phone call to Trinity Place, a 10-bed shelter for LGBTQ youth on the Upper West Side. 


    New York City Tries Financial Mentoring With At-Risk Families — But Leaves Out Cash Incentives

    One of the most common criticisms of America’s child welfare system is that it too often ensnares impoverished parents, accusing them of neglect when the true issue is just the circumstances of poverty. 


    Risks to Child Well-Being Persist in New York City, With State Budget Cuts Looming

    Forty-two out of 59 New York neighborhoods have seen risks to children’s well-being increase overall since the previous year, according to a new report released by the Citizens’ Committee for Children (CCC), a nonprofit advocacy group.