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When You Find Your Voice


When You Find Your Voice

As a former foster care youth, I didn’t believe I had much to say, or that anyone cared about my voice, writes D'Aviance Cuffee.

The Trauma of Losing a Family Twice


Indicted Former North Carolina Social Services Director Resigns from Agency, Pleads Guilty

A former social services director in North Carolina pled guilty to obstruction of justice for the department's use of illegitimate documents.

Colorado Considers a Raise the Age Youth Justice Bill


North Carolina Raises the Floor for Prosecution to 8 Years Old

Six- and 7-year-olds accused of committing felonies in North Carolina will no longer be prosecuted in criminal court under a juvenile justice bill Gov. Roy Cooper signed on Aug. 30.

North Carolina Lawmakers Send Child Welfare Bill to Governor


North Carolina Lawmakers Send Child Welfare Bill to Governor

North Carolina lawmakers have passed a broad bill that backers hope will improve the lives of hard-to-place children in the foster care system if Gov. Roy Cooper signs it, as the author expects.


Dignity for Moms: N.C. Bill Would Ban Shackling of Incarcerated Women in Childbirth

North Carolina is expected to ban the shackling of incarcerated women during childbirth, according to a published report.

Youth Services Insider


North Carolina D.A. Erases Criminal Records for Former Juvenile Offenders

Almost 300 people in North Carolina who were prosecuted in adult court for things they did as 16- and 17-year-olds had those records erased from the books this week. The news came as Durham County’s chief prosecutor, Satana Deberry, announced that she was taking the action voluntarily in the wake of laws that have changed in the intervening years.

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    Boy Picks Tulip, Gets Arrested: A Tale As Old As Time

    Most people probably would agree that raising a child to respect others’ property is important and that a kid who doesn’t do so should be corrected. Reasonable people might disagree over what the appropriate sanction should be, but certainly, everyone can agree that a child’s maturity level and the nature of the misbehavior should be critical factors. 


    Rising Voices For ‘Family Power’ Seek to Abolish The Child Welfare System

    When a young pregnant mom informed her prenatal care providers that she had smoked marijuana to relieve stress, nausea and poor appetite, they didn’t seem concerned. But after the birth of her son a few years ago in a Bronx hospital, a test of the baby’s urine came back positive for cannabis, and the hospital quickly called child welfare authorities.


    UPDATED: North Carolina Get-Tough Bill on Drug Exposed Newborns Passes, But Vetoed by Governor

    Last week, the North Carolina legislature sent a bill to Gov. Roy Cooper (D) that would make it easier and faster to put babies born exposed to drugs and alcohol on a path to adoption, cutting off efforts to return them to their parents.