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New York’s Top Child Welfare Senator Previews Next Legislative Session

The New York State legislature passed a raft of historic child welfare bills this year. All of them aimed to strengthen birth family ties: one bill would open access to original birth certificates for adoptees; another increases the standard of evidence in child neglect cases, and decreases the consequences of such investigations for parents; four other bills boost support for relatives and family friends who care for someone else’s child.


Corporate Investigator Assesses New York City Child Welfare, Cites Need for More Investigators

The white-collar investigative firm Kroll Associates is renowned for high-stakes snooping. Its staff of former prosecutors and FBI agents has uncovered billions in hidden assets belonging to dictators like Saddam Hussein, conducted background checks on candidates for Wall Street’s loftiest executive positions, and even once tracked down eyewitnesses to an international heroin trafficking ring.


New York Judge Rejects High-Profile Foster Care Settlement

Today, a New York judge threw out a controversial consent decree that would have ratcheted up state oversight of New York City’s foster care system. In her straightforward opinion, New York District Judge Laura Swain denied a proposed settlement to a July 2015 class action lawsuit that had accused both New York State and City of allowing foster youth to languish in care.