New York City


NY Law Would Scale Back Practice of Billing Parents for Foster Care

A New York bill would limit the state’s practice of charging parents child support for children in foster care.


New York Child Protection Hotline Accepts Maltreatment Allegations at Far Higher Rates than Other States, New Study Shows

Hotline calls in New York — even if unfounded — result in a surprise knock on a family’s door far more often than in other states, data shows.


New York City Class-Action Lawsuit Defends Parents’ Rights in CPS Home Visits — A Rare Constitutional Challenge

A unique lawsuit filed against the city this week focuses on the right of parents to protection from unlawful searches by CPS workers.


Brooklyn Mother and Son Sue New York City Children’s Services over ‘Traumatic’ CPS Investigations Following False Reports

A lawsuit alleges the city’s child welfare agency repeatedly investigated a Brooklyn mother after false reports to a CPS hotline. 


A False Choice on Families in New York City

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration would have us believe we must choose between funding social services and assisting asylum seekers. 


New York City Youth and Supporters Rally for Enhanced Juvenile Justice Rights

Dozens of youth and advocates gathered in the Bronx to voice support for two pivotal youth justice bills headed to the state Legislature.


    New York City to Better Track Foster Youth Education

    Legislation passed last week would require New York City to release more data on the educational outcomes of thousands of students in foster care.

    Upstream City


    A Citywide Framework To Hold Upstream Efforts Accountable

    Nora McCarthy on the need to measure progress as New York City increases efforts to move upstream and prevent child welfare involvement

    As New York legalizes marijuana, parent advocates push child welfare agencies to be less punitive


    New York Child Welfare Workers Illegally Separated Newborn From His Mother Over Cannabis Allegations, Lawsuit Alleges

    A federal lawsuit alleges a mother was separated from her newborn solely on the basis of a non-consensual marijuana drug test.