New York


New Legal Advocacy Model Aims to Better Support Rochester-Area Parents in New York Family Court 

New York’s Monroe County is creating a “holistic, interdisciplinary” family defense unit within the local public defender's office.


Foster and Homeless Youth in New York City Take to the Stage, Full of Pride and a Loud, Clear Voice

On a Manhattan stage this week, young people rendered art from the troubles of those who grow up in foster care and in homeless shelters.

Pennsylvania Parents Sue State Over “Unconstitutional” Child Abuse Registry


More States Seek To Curb Anonymous CPS Reports Against Parents

California and Texas have created a system of “confidential reporting” to replace anonymous hotline calls.

New York Governor, Lawmakers To Decide If Family Court Attorneys Will Get a Raise After 18 Years


New York Expands Financial Support to More Relative Caregivers

A family court building in Albany, New York, which hears foster care cases. Photo by Hirám Duran
Relatives and family friends who step up when struggling parents can’t care for their children play an essential role in keeping countless kids out of foster care. 


Host Homes Should Be Embraced in New York

Carly Dillard argues in favor of New York continuing to regulate and permit host homes for families in crisis.


New York Lawmakers Weigh Calls To Overhaul Mandated Reporting of Child Maltreatment

State lawmakers heard from officials, parents and former foster youth about the need to radically overhaul reporting of child maltreatment. 


    New York City’s Child Welfare Agency To Better Inform Parents Under Investigation 

    Beginning next month some residents of low-income neighborhoods will soon be better informed of their rights when CPS comes knocking.


    It Took Almost Two Years, but NYC Schools Now Provide Educational Support for Students in Foster Care 

    The city's new office for students in foster care is now fully staffed to assist public school students growing up in the child welfare system.


    Class Action Lawsuit By New York City Foster Youth Allowed To Proceed

    A federal appeals court has granted New York City foster youth the go-ahead to proceed with their lawsuit against the city and state child welfare agencies, overturning a lower court ruling denying them class-action status.