Advocates Say Families Providing ‘Hidden Foster Care’ Deserve More Guidance

Nevada is relying heavily on unsupported relatives to care for children its child welfare system do not believe are safe at home.


Nevada Eyes Federal Funding in Hopes of Helping More Foster Youth Navigate Early Adulthood

Extended foster care programs aim to help young adults navigate and prepare for the challenging transition to independent adulthood.
For 10 years, Nevada has helped support former foster youth until they turn 21, providing monthly stipends for rent and living expenses, along with case managers and coaching in life skills.


Organization Serving Kinship Families Mobilizes Drive-Through Pick Up to Support Caregivers

With the coronavirus pandemic emptying store shelves and leaving critical items in short supply, the elderly have faced unique challenges stocking their homes with groceries, toiletries and other essentials. In Nevada, Foster Kinship Executive Director Ali Caliendo raced between four different stores to find formula for her 8-month-old son over the weekend.


Who Cares for The Kin Caring for Our Kids?

I can’t sleep. My stomach is churning, my head pounding. I am livid about a phone call I received at Foster Kinship, a “kinship navigator” program I direct to help connect relative caregivers with critical supports.


Bill Grimm, Veteran Child Welfare Litigator, Honored by American Bar Association

Bill Grimm, who has helped lead reform-prompting litigation against several state and county child welfare systems, has been awarded the Mark Hardin Award by the American Bar Association Center on Children and The Law.


Nevada Lawmakers Call for Audit of ‘Broken’ Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems

A new bill in Nevada seeks to audit every program in the state’s juvenile justice and child welfare systems. Assembly Bill 111 would require the legislature to hire an independent consultant to conduct a study “concerning the funding of child welfare” in the state, allocating $250,000 to fund the review.


    Nevada College System Passes Tuition Waivers for Foster Youth (Updated)

    Update: The proposal to waive tuition and fees for Nevada foster youth was passed by the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Board of Regents on Sept. 6. The Board also decided to expand eligibility for the waiver to any student who have spent time any in foster care since age 14, rather than 16 as originally proposed.


    More than a Million Kids Could Lose Health Coverage Next Month if Congress Fails to Fund CHIP

    Despite new indications that renewing the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) could actually save the federal government money, Congress has yet to pass a reauthorization of the program. Nearly 1.7 million out of the 9 million children served by CHIP each year could lose healthcare coverage by the end of February if Congress fails to pass legislation to reauthorize the program, according to a new report from Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families.