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Colorado expands services for transitional foster youth.


Colorado Governor Signs Law to Narrow Child Neglect Definition in Support of “Free-Range Parenting”

Starting in August, children in Colorado will have more freedom to roam unsupervised without exposing parents to child neglect investigations.


The Challenge of Changing America’s Amorphous, Limitless Neglect Laws

Diane Redleaf reviews some promising developments for those interested in sharpening the definition of neglect in child welfare law

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Capitol View on Kids


During Confirmation Hearing for Top Biden Child Welfare Officials, Senators Voice Their Own Priorities

The confirmation hearing for Biden's top two child welfare officials took place last week, and the topics of discussion at the hearing are likely a strong indicator of what child welfare issues are front and center for various factions of D.C. in 2022.

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2020 Child Maltreatment Data: A Breakdown

An annual federal report on child maltreatment confirms what other data has already suggested: That during the first six months of the coronavirus pandemic, reports and investigations of abuse and neglect plummeted, in large part due to the absence of child care workers and school personnel from the lives of many children in that time frame. 

Rebecca Masterson writes we need more words than "neglect" in child welfare.


We Need More Words Than “Neglect”

Matthew Ponomarenko dropped his naked one-year-old son, Jax, in the middle of a highway. Fueled by PCP and crystal meth, Matthew chased after cars, screaming at the drivers as they drove by.

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Senate Bill May Require Legal Counsel for Parents, Children in Child Welfare Cases

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions approved a bill that could provide the first federal requirement of legal counsel to parents and children in child welfare cases, though there appeared to be some discussion of further negotiations on that before a vote of the full Senate.


    Mandated Reporters Need Training on Context, Critical Thinking

    Around the country, child welfare systems large and small have built a front door to child protection that relies heavily on information provided to the state from the public, especially from “mandated reporters” such as school officials, doctors and police officers. 


    America Must Change Its View of Poverty and Neglect

    Illustration by Christine Ongjoco
    The child welfare system plays a conflicted role in our society’s history. It exists in a world of competing values and basic societal assumptions. Was it developed as a way to “save” children from abuse and neglect or as a means to “control families?”

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    Prevent Child Abuse America Charters 10 State Chapters

    A leading organization that works to prevent child abuse and neglect before it ever gets started announced Thursday that 10 of its state chapters have completed all the steps the organization requires to be chartered.