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Arizona Child Welfare Investigators Fired for ‘Professional Kidnapper’ T-Shirts

Several county workers investigating allegations of abuse and neglect in some of Arizona’s most struggling communities were reportedly fired last month, after they wore bright pink T-shirts to work declaring themselves a “professional kidnapper.”


Washington Foster Children Quarantined in Government Office Building; Advocates Alarmed

Washington child welfare authorities have resorted to sheltering four foster children who are thought to have COVID-19 in a government office building, after the home they lived in with several other kids closed because of the coronavirus, local sources say.


Why Are Child Welfare Advocates Sabotaging Data-Driven Efforts to Protect Children?

Of all the social challenges the public sector works to overcome, ensuring the wellbeing of children is undoubtedly among the most important. Consider that in 2014, 702,000 children were abused or neglected in the United States and 1,580 children died as a result.

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Richard Wexler, NCCPR, Re-Enter Child Welfare Advocacy

In 2012, before The Imprint even launched its real website, one of our first Youth Services Insider columns lamented the shuttering of The National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (NCCPR). The organization, led and pretty much completely run by Executive Director Richard Wexler, was a tiny but effective champion for greater attention to family preservation in child welfare.