My Brother’s Keeper


Making Obama’s Last Lap Count for Kids

The Obama administration has demonstrated in recent weeks that when it is committed to an issue, it will go to great lengths to make things happen. Take criminal and juvenile justice reform.


Who’s Funding Philanthropy for Boys and Men of Color (and What About Women and Girls?)

It was just last November when the Obama Administration released a report highlighting the need for more investment in support for girls and women of color. At the same time, the White House was responding to criticism that there was no corresponding effort for women to “My Brother’s Keeper,” the Obama initiative for boys and men of color.


Federal My Brother’s Keeper Project Converting to Nonprofit

The highly publicized My Brother’ Keeper initiative (MBK), a federal project to improve the lives of young minority males, will be spun out of the White House and established as an independent nonprofit.


One Year Follow-up Report On My Brother’s Keeper Shows Progress

Earlier this year, the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force released a one-year progress report to assess the initial year of the Presidents' Initiative.


Obama Names Leader for “My Brother’s Keeper”

The White House has announced that Michael Smith will lead the “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative, which is focused on leveraging private funding commitments on improving the outcomes for boys and young men of color.


Federal My Brother’s Keeper Grants Announced by CNCS

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) will fund $24 million in grants as part of President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, which is aimed at improving the academic and social outcomes of young black men.


    Foundations Commit $194 Million to ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Projects

    Eleven foundations committed to $194 million in funding for work related to the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative (MBK), which was created by President Barack Obama to help serve young minority men in the country.


    SoCal Charities Mobilize Behind Blue Ribbon Commission

    In an unprecedented move, 17 Southern California charitable foundations exerted their influence on the recent reforms sweeping the nation’s largest child welfare system. Southern California Grantmakers, an association of Southland philanthropic institutions, sent a letter on June 5 to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors urging them to approve the recommendations laid out by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection.


    OJJDP Abruptly Terminates National Center for Youth In Custody; More Projects Could Be Stopped

    The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention ended funding this week for the National Center for Youth in Custody (NCYC), and the termination of other grants is possible as the agency simultaneously handles budget cuts and new internal priorities.