Mississippi Senate to Vote on College Scholarship Bill for Foster Youth


Mississippi Senate to Vote on College Scholarship Bill for Foster Youth

A Mississippi bill being considered by the state Senate would create a short-term scholarship program for students who spent their teens in foster care.

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Mississippi Child Welfare Agency Gets New Leader

Andrea Sanders, credited with cleaning up the Mississippi Department of Human Services in the wake of a scandal earlier this year, is Republican Gov. Tate Reeves’ choice to head the state’s Department of Child Protection Services.

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Mississippi Facing Loss of Control Over Its Child Welfare System

Plaintiffs involved in a class-action lawsuit of Mississippi’s child welfare system are asking for the federal courts to put a receiver in charge after a dismal recent report on progress under the current settlement.


Report: Anti-LGBTQ Laws Across the U.S. Hamper a Huge, Untapped Pool of Prospective Adoptive and Foster Parents

Since the U.S. legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, several states have passed laws allowing publicly funded child welfare organizations to exclude millions of LGBTQ adults as potential foster parents. This, combined with a Trump administration executive order on religious liberty, is cause for concern over the future of child welfare programs, according to a new policy brief from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).


Mississippi’s Hurtful, Lonely Stand Against Same-Sex Adoption

Sean’s profile had just enough evidence for me to want to reach out to him. He had a sparkle in his eye, short bouncy curly locks and a pink shirt, and I think both ears were pierced.


Social Work Revolution Starts With Pregnancy Prevention

As a long time social worker, I am writing this article because I do believe my profession needs a complete 180-degree overhaul. We need a change. The purpose of these articles is to explain the rationale for such a change and then provide three solutions to bring about a platform for discussion.


    How Mississippi Got Right on Juvenile Justice Compliance

    For years, Mississippi passed up a big share of its federal allocation under Title II of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. There are fore core requirements in the act, and states are docked 20 percent of their Title II allotment for each requirement with which they do not comply.