Michael Antonovich

Los Angeles County Leaders Order Audit of Child Welfare System


Four Queens: Election of Barger and Hahn Mark New Era for L.A. County Board of Supes

As expected, two heavily favored candidates earned open seats on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in Tuesday’s election, a development that marks a continuing shift in the governing body’s dynamics and political orientation.


Next Fifth District Supervisor Will Face Highest Reported Rates of Child Abuse, Death in L.A. County

Next week, Los Angeles County will elect a new supervisor to oversee an area that has the highest rates of reported child abuse and neglect and the highest infant mortality rate in the county.


Darrell Park Mounts Challenge to Longtime Board of Supes Insider

Growing up in Reston, Va., Darrell Park had an up-close view of foster care. The candidate for a seat on Los Angeles County’s five-member Board of Supervisors recalls that his parents fostered 19 children from the time he was born until he left for college.

New Homes in Southern California Will Keep Siblings in Foster Care Together


L.A. County Insider Kathryn Barger Says Child Welfare Experience Makes Her Best Bet in Board of Supes Race

Long before she launched a bid to succeed her boss on Los Angeles County’s powerful Board of Supervisors, Kathryn Barger cut her teeth working on children’s issues in the county. After a stint interning in current Supervisor Michael Antonovich’s Pasadena field office more than 25 years ago, Barger spent 13 years as his health and welfare deputy, where she learned the ropes of county politics by working on children’s services, mental health, health services and welfare.

Youth Services Insider
Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration Los Angeles


L.A. Supes Want Answers on Child Abuse Risk Assessment, Fast  

In response to the death of an 11-year-old boy, the Los Angeles County Office of Child Protection will evaluate how the county’s child protection system measures risk and report to the Board of Supervisors in 30 days.


L.A. County Looks to Ridesharing, Faith-Based Programs to Improve Family Visitation for Foster Kids

In an ambitious upcoming board motion, a pair of Los Angeles County Supervisors aim to tackle two of foster care’s most fundamental challenges: re-unifying children with their parents and retaining quality foster parents.


    L.A. Board of Supes to Explore Expanding Therapeutic Model at Juvenile Camps

    The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will explore the possibility of remodeling one of its juvenile detention camps in order to emphasize a therapeutic model of rehabilitation. At its meeting today, the board asked Interim Chief Probation Officer Cal Remington, Los Angeles County Chief Executive Officer Sachi Hamai and the Department of Public Works to submit a report that would outline the costs of transforming Camp Joseph Scott into a place that “embodies a culture of care to enhance therapeutic opportunities for youth and improve their future.”


    Park Offers Contrast to Barger in Battle for L.A. Board of Supervisors Seat

    Altadena entrepreneur Darrell Park has won a place in November’s runoff election to replace Michael Antonovich on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, finishing second to frontrunner Kathryn Barger. On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors declared the results of the June 7 primary election official.

    New Homes in Southern California Will Keep Siblings in Foster Care Together


    Child Welfare in Focus for Kathryn Barger, Frontrunner for L.A. County Board of Supes

    Yesterday, Kathryn Barger handily outpaced seven contenders in the race to replace Michael Antonovich on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. With 100 percent of precincts reporting Wednesday morning, Barger garnered nearly 30 percent of the vote in Los Angeles County’s fifth district, nearly twice that of her closest competitor.