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Friends of the Children Awarded $33 Million Grant to Bolster Mentoring Program

The Oregon-based mentoring organization Friends of the Children has been gifted $33 million by Gary and Christine Rood. The grant comes on the heels of a $44 million grant from the Mackenzie Scott Foundation awarded in August. 

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Justice Department Doles Out $103 Million in Grants to Support Youth

Millions of federal grant dollars are going out the door before the end of the year to support youth and help enhance equity in the juvenile justice system, the Department of Justice announced last week.

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Study to Evaluate Impact of Friends of the Children’s Long-term Mentoring


Study to Evaluate Impact of Friends of the Children’s Long-term Mentoring

Friends of the Children has received $3.4 million in grant funds to expand its mentoring model and study its effectiveness.

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Long-term Mentoring Group Opening New Offices in Colorado, Montana


Long-term Mentoring Group Will Open New Offices in Colorado, Montana

A group that offers long-term professional mentoring to kids at risk of getting trapped in the child welfare system is opening new offices.

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National Youth Mentoring Organization Receives $6 Million Gift

A philanthropic gift of $6 million should mean a significant bump in the number of kids who will benefit from one-on-one adult mentoring through Friends of the Children.

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Pork Is Back

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It has received very little attention, even in the Beltway news sources, but Congress has given itself the power to issue earmarks again for the fiscal 2022 budget year.

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    National Youth Mentoring Model Faces Rigorous Final Test

    Los Angeles Friend Marquis spending one-on-one time at the playground with his youths. Photo: Friends of the Children—Los Angeles
    A federal grant will allow for the completion of a major study on the effect of long-term professional mentoring on at-risk youth. 


    New York City Tries Financial Mentoring With At-Risk Families — But Leaves Out Cash Incentives

    One of the most common criticisms of America’s child welfare system is that it too often ensnares impoverished parents, accusing them of neglect when the true issue is just the circumstances of poverty. 

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    Youth Advocate Programs Gets Federal Stamp of Approval

    Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), a rapidly expanding provider of alternatives to out-of-home care in juvenile justice and child welfare, has been named a “promising practice” by the Justice Department. The Harrisburg, Penn.-based