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Twelve Child Welfare Reform Ideas from Former Foster Youth

The annual Foster Youth Intern (FYI) report, published by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, has emerged as the best injection of fresh thinking on federal child welfare policy. The report includes federal reform proposals crafted by former foster youth who have spent the summer interning on Capitol Hill.


Data Analytics, Prevention Efforts Could Drive Down Child Deaths

By Beth Cortez-Neavel Texas is taking serious steps toward using predictive data analytics, or “big data,” to prevent child deaths due to abuse and neglect. Not only are state officials finally catching on that child maltreatment is a public health issue, there are three new state-led efforts to curtail child deaths and maltreatment by using data to pinpoint specific warning signs at different community levels.


How Foster Care Support Can Boost Mental Health When Life-Skills Classes Are Not Enough

By Darian Woods New research suggests that supporting foster youths’ transition to adulthood is important to protect against mental illness. Help navigating the administration of life, such as how to buy health insurance, balance a checkbook or prepare for a job interview may be associated with stronger mental health decades later.


Parity Not Yet Achieved On Mental Health Services

On December 14, 2014, the CBS TV show 60 Minutes featured a segment “Denied” on how insurance companies deny or significantly limit medically needed treatment services to many who present with mental health issues.


Partnering with Primary Care: A Mental Health Consumer Perspective

by Kelechi Ubozoh, Communications Director for Peers Envisioning and Engaging Recovery Services (PEERS) When I was first diagnosed with depression, I was too young to understand what it meant. My parents had just gotten divorced, and I started seeing a child therapist to help me cope with the separation.


Surviving the Holidays

The holiday season is underway. It can be a joyful time, but a stressful time as well. Sad memories, family conflict, money woes…these are a just a few things that can make the holidays burdensome.


    Montana Mental Health Ombudsman Annual Report

    The Mental Health Ombudsman office continues with four core recommendations: 1) Increase access to mental health services for children. 2) Divert Individuals with serious mental illness away from the criminal justice system.