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National Youth Mentoring Model Faces Rigorous Final Test
Los Angeles Friend Marquis spending one-on-one time at the playground with his youths. Photo: Friends of the Children—Los Angeles

A federal grant will allow for the completion of a major study on the effect of long-term professional mentoring on at-risk youth. 


The Sad Omission of Child Welfare from Mainstream Discussion on Race

Tehra Coles, Zainab Akbar, Emma Ketteringham, Lauren Shapiro

As thousands of Black people and their allies are protesting the systemic racism and police brutality that have been part of the fabric of this society for centuries, some white Americans appear ready to discuss the damage that oppression has done to Black and brown people.

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As Hotline Calls Plummeted, Michigan Did Some Dialing of Its Own

It is safe to say that without the benefit of hindsight, no child welfare agency got it totally right in responding to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. But Michigan child welfare director, JooYeun Chang, said that an unrelated assessment of her agency, finished months before the virus hit our shores, was fortuitous in helping to shape a creative response to COVID-19. 


California Bill Seeks Strengthened Miranda Rights for Minors
Children and teens aged 17 and younger detained by police would have the right to consult a lawyer before being interrogated by police, under a California bill moving toward passage by the state Legislature. If the bill becomes law, California would be the first state in the nation to require such protections.
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Recommendation to Check Abuse Reports with Medicaid Based on Questionable Analysis

Last month, an inspector general report out of the Department of Health and Human Services recommended that Medicaid data can be used “to identify instances of potential child abuse or neglect.”

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Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's and The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Photo: The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption


Michigan Latest State to Target Adoption of Older Foster Youth
Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas. Photo courtesy of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Statistics show that the longer kids are in foster care, the harder it is to place them permanently in a loving home.

Kansas DCF


Federal Audit Slams Kansas Child Welfare System

Federal auditors recently faulted Kansas’ Department for Children and Families for allowing residents of its foster care group homes to be chronically exposed to potentially hazardous conditions, even though the state regularly inspected the facilities.


Guards Without Masks and Tests With No Results
Illustration by Christine Ongjoco

A 20-year-old Northern California man stepped into freedom late last month, after serving his time in one of the state’s three youth prisons – human warehouses now struggling to beat back the coronavirus before it spreads faster through a population of 775 young people who committed crimes as juveniles.


Outrage Is Only The Start: Get Bad Actors out of Residential Care
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) cut ties with residential care provider Sequel after the death of Cornelius Fredericks at Lakeside Academy. Photo: Twitter

Say his name. Cornelius Fredericks.

Cornelius was 16 years old.