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Texas: Child Maltreatment Prediction by Block

In 2015, 63,781 children in Texas were victims of maltreatment, making Texas the state with the third highest number of reports in the country. The Texas legislature is currently looking at multiple bills that address child maltreatment including Senate Bill 11 which includes funding for traditional geo-mapping to forecast areas of likely child abuse.


Housing First Versus Transitional Housing: Neither Alone is the Answer

Kerry Morrison full-heartedly agrees that transitional shelters are an essential part of the equation of successfully solving this homeless crisis along with the housing-first approach. Morrison is the executive director of Hollywood Property Owners Alliance as well as a commissioner at Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LASHA).


No Mystery Here: Call a Murderer a Murderer

On March 10 in Ohio, Barbara Busch fatally shot her developmentally disabled daughter before turning the gun on herself. “She couldn’t handle it any more,” Fairfield Township Police Chief Matthew Fruchey told news outlets about Busch’s mental state.


California Bill Defends the Right of the Homeless to Rest in Public

In January, California State Senator Carol Liu (D-La Cañada Flintridge) introduced a bill that aims to protect the right of California’s homeless to “rest” in public spaces. Senate Bill 876 would de-criminalize homelessness by ultimately limiting local sanitation and law enforcement agencies’ ability to treat sleeping on the street as a criminal act, and remove and destroy homeless people’s belongings.


Exploring Housing Alternatives to Aid Sexually Exploited Youth

In January, California State Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) introduced AB 1730, a bill that would provide commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC) with a housing option that caters to their specific needs.


Nonprofits Support Education of Syrian Refugee Children

Roughly half of four million documented Syrian refugees are under the age of 18, and approximately 800,000 are under the age of 12, according to an October 2015 report by the Migration Policy Institute.


    Checklists, Big Data and the Virtues of Human Judgment

    Los Angeles County struggles to strike the right balance between human judgment and increasingly sophisticated predictive tools when determining the risk that a child will be abused.   On weekdays, calls to Los Angeles County’s child abuse hotline reach their peak between 2 p.m.


    California Bill Seeks Five Times More Inspections on Foster Homes

    by Christina Kang California legislators are considering a bill that would mandate visits to foster homes on an annual basis in a state that currently ranks as one of the most lax on childcare facility inspections.


    NY School Psychologists Earn C on Child Abuse Reporting Test

    By Holden Slattery When New York state school psychologists were tested on their ability to detect child maltreatment and their likelihood to report it to child protection authorities, many displayed knowledge deficits and a reluctance to report.