The False Representations of Foster Youth in Television and Cinema


The False Representations of Juvenile Justice-Impacted Youth in Television and Cinema

We need films and television shows that show the real subjugation and raw unethical truths of the overall system, writes Sophi Marsaw-Nevarez.

Former Foster Youth Lack Adequate Access to Affordable Housing


Hollywood Evolution: Healing Trauma by Transforming Foster Representation

Often, those with foster care experience begin to believe the stereotypes they see in media, writes Joshua Elizondo.

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Anti-Poverty Grants Fund Platforms for Youth Voices

Advocates for the poor have long argued that most Americans’ assumptions about people who live in poverty are mostly wrong. If only, they say, Americans could see the world from the point of view of those who experience it every day, they might gain a more truer and more sympathetic understanding of the complex issues involved.


‘A Problem They Didn’t Create:’ HBO’s ‘Foster’ Documents Five Years in L.A.’s Child Welfare System

During the first moments of HBO’s new film “Foster,” the camera pans across an office of Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and lingers on a cluster of infant car seats.


Domestic Violence Connection Missing in Many Child Welfare News Stories, Study Says

The overlap between domestic violence and child maltreatment is profound. Research suggests that crossover may include between 30 and 60 percent of families involved with the child welfare system. However, when the media writes about child welfare — the system that is charged with taking care of abused and neglected children — that connection is seldom featured in stories, according to a new study from the Berkeley Media Studies Group.


New Docu-Series Follows Queer Couple’s Foster-Adopt Odyssey

Last week, The F-Word, a comedic documentary series following the journey of a queer couple looking to adopt from foster care, premiered online on PBS’s Indie Lens Storycast. The series’ producers and featured couple, Kristan Cassady and Nicole Opper, open up their lives to give others insight into the mystifying process of becoming a foster parent and eventually adopting.


    Speaking Up and Speaking Out About My Time in Foster Care

    From ages 13 to 18, I hated everything about the child welfare system: my social workers, my foster placements, court dates–you name it, I hated it. I was so frustrated with the idea that the choices my parents made forced me to be “different.”


    Journalists Wanted to Explore Vulnerable Populations in California

    The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is funding a program that seeks to explore Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations, utilizing in-depth field reporting. The foundation has invested $1 million to support a journalist or team of journalists full time over a one year period to explore an underrepresented population in the Los Angeles area.