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Tax Plan’s Deficits Could Prompt Elimination of Major Child Welfare Programs

The common narrative on the many iterations of the Republican-led tax reform package is that it adds something in the neighborhood of $1.5 trillion to the deficit. Various ideas on how to add more revenue to the plan have been bandied about by deficit hawks in the past few days to address that deficit.

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No Brainers: Congress Should Act Quickly on Home Visiting and Foster Youth Jobs Program

Check back here tomorrow for Youth Services Insider‘s long list of youth-related federal legislation to keep an eye on this fiscal year. But we begin today with two pieces of legislation that, in Youth Services Insider‘s estimation, are no- brainers.


Despite Threats to Obamacare, Program for Mothers and Babies Could Double

Last week, Republican members of Congress took the first step towards fulfilling their and President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. Despite the House and Senate passing a budget proposal that tees up the health care law’s evisceration, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say that Obamacare’s legacy “home visiting” program will be reauthorized and perhaps even doubled in size.


What We Can Expect from the Trump Administration

President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s administration and its likely policies pose many more questions than answers.  What does a Trump presidency mean for those in the child welfare field? What impact will Dr.

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The Big Questions for Youth Services in 2017

Last week, Youth Services Insider reflected on some of the bigger stories in child welfare and juvenile justice for 2016. Now, let’s look ahead. Following are a few things we think will be hot topics in 2017.


Home Visiting Programs Work: Here’s the Proof

As a career advocate for children, I applaud Los Angeles County’s innovative efforts to reduce child abuse by integrating public health nurses into its child protection assessment process. At First Focus Campaign for Children, a non-partisan national children’s advocacy group, we support the county’s forward-thinking efforts, but also encourage county officials to expand evidence-based home visiting programs, which have been proven to prevent child maltreatment and promote resilient, strong families that nurture the healthy development of children.


    Federal Home Visitation Program Reauthorized; $800m Over Two Years

    A few weeks after the expiration of a growing federal program that invests in home visitation programs, Congress last night approved a two-year extension that keeps it going through fiscal 2017.

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    Q&A: Roxane White, CEO, Nurse-Family Partnership

    It is hard to imagine anyone in human services having a wider breadth of experience than Roxane White, who this year became CEO of the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) at a critical time in the evolution of the program.


    Federal Home Visitation Spending is Promising within Reason, Experts Tell Ways & Means

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) included a major federal investment in home visitation programs, which support new and expectant mothers by sending trained workers and/or health professionals into homes. Experts told the House Ways and Means Subommittee on Human Resources last week that the investment should continue, with reasonable expectations.