Massachusetts Bill Would Create ‘e-backpack’ to Help Foster Youth Who Change Schools


Massachusetts Bill Would Create ‘e-backpack’ to Help Foster Youth Who Change Schools

In Massachusetts, electronic repositories would contain the educational records of each foster child to make school transitions easier.


Massachusetts Commission Declines to Recommend Expansion of Mandated Reporters

The Mandated Reporter Commission in Massachusetts has failed to settle on a path forward on recommendations for expanding mandated reporting.

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U.S., Washington State Settle Discrimination Case on Services for the Deaf

Hearing-impaired parents from at least two Washington state families were denied their right to have sign language interpreters available to them in their fights to keep the state from taking away their kids, according to a settlement agreement announced Monday between the federal government and the state.

Connecticut may raise the juvenile arrest age from 7 to 10.


Several States Ponder Expansion of Juvenile Justice Beyond 18

The movement to raise the age of juvenile justice systems around the country is continuing, with several states considering a move beyond the age of 18. At least nine states are expected to consider proposals that would expand the jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system during the current legislative season, according to a press briefing held last week by the Campaign for Youth Justice.


Analysis: 11 States Struggle to Meet Federal Education Requirements for Foster Youth

A little more than a year after federal law mandated school districts across the country ensure foster youth are transported to school, at least 11 states are outright failing – or are clearly struggling – to make this happen, according to new reporting by The Imprint.


Report: Child Care Is “Unaffordable” Nationwide, Especially for Single Parents

The 2017 report Parents and the High Cost of Child Care from the advocacy group Child Care Aware of America (CCAoA) illustrates the high cost burden faced by working parents across the United States.


    Massachusetts Juvenile Justice Reform Could Shield 18-Year-Olds From Adult Courts

    Massachusetts could soon become the first state in the union to raise the age of jurisdiction above 18. The state’s House of Representatives this week, and Senate last month, passed by wide margins different versions of a criminal justice reform bill.

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    States Explore Trauma Screening in the Child Welfare System

    As trauma-informed initiatives have multiplied in recent years, more child welfare agencies are now grappling with how to properly screen for trauma. Along with access to trauma-focused, evidence-based treatments and staff training, screening is a key part of building a trauma-informed system.


    For Foster Youth in Mass., A Long Wait for What’s Right

    If a person went to a hospital emergency room and wasn’t treated for days or months, we would all be outraged. If there were inadequate numbers of staff to treat us, or a family member or friend, we would demand that the hospital be equipped to do its job.