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New York Lawmakers Weigh Calls To Overhaul Mandated Reporting of Child Maltreatment

State lawmakers heard from officials, parents and former foster youth about the need to radically overhaul reporting of child maltreatment. 


Inside Mandated Reporting Reform in Los Angeles County

Tamara Hunter, director of L.A. County’s Commission for Children and Families, talks about what the data shows and next steps for reform.


Making Clergy Mandated Reporters? No Prayer This Curbs Child Abuse

Legislators have proposed expanding mandatory reporting into one of the few fields that has typically been viewed as sacrosanct: the clergy.


New York Announces New Mandated Reporter Training to Reduce ‘Unwarranted’ Child Maltreatment Reports

New York has revised its mandated reporter training to root out the “implicit bias component” in reporting suspected abuse or neglect.


Civil Rights Advocates Call U.S. Child Welfare System a ‘National Problem’

A report from Human Rights Watch and the ACLU highlights the harms of the U.S. child welfare system and recommends reforms.

California Governor to Decide on Family Reunification Bills, and More


California Governor to Decide on Family Reunification Bills, and More

Bills on California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk aim to prevent foster care removals due to poverty, better protect LGBTQ youth and reduce racial disparities.


    Massachusetts Commission Declines to Recommend Expansion of Mandated Reporters

    The Mandated Reporter Commission in Massachusetts has failed to settle on a path forward on recommendations for expanding mandated reporting.


    Just What We Need in Child Welfare: Less Accountability!

    Pity the poor, oppressed “mandated reporter” of child abuse. Sure, they already have protections from lawsuits that are so strong that they have to not only violate the law but have good reason to know they’re doing it, or be acting maliciously, before a jury can even consider what they’ve done to an innocent family.