Los Angeles County


Inside Mandated Reporting Reform in Los Angeles County

Tamara Hunter, director of L.A. County’s Commission for Children and Families, talks about what the data shows and next steps for reform.

Lack of Communication with Separated Siblings Strains Strong Family Connections


Lack of Communication with Separated Siblings Strains Strong Family Connections

Lack of communication can contribute to a sense of isolation and disconnection among siblings, writes Joel Swazo.


California Bill Would Rehab L.A. County’s ‘Unsuitable’ Juvenile Halls

Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall at night. Photo by Joseph Rodriguez.
After California regulators ordered Los Angeles County to close two troubled juvenile halls last month, state legislators are considering a plan that could send $1 billion to help rebuild aging juvenile detention facilities there.

A Foster Kid's Drive to Make a Change


A Foster Kid’s Drive to Make a Change

Who else could make a difference within the foster care system, if not someone who has already been through it?, writes Byron Adams.


State Regulators Shut Down Two Juvenile Halls in Los Angeles County, Citing ‘Unsuitable’ Conditions

California state regulators voted to revoke Los Angeles County’s license to operate its two juvenile halls, citing “unsuitable” conditions.


Supporters, Not Reporters: Preventing Foster Care in California

California and Los Angeles County advance prevention plans to keep more families out of the child welfare system.

    Los Angeles County Avoids Juvenile Hall Closures, but New Problems Surface


    ‘Intolerable’ and ‘Appalling’ — Los Angeles County Juvenile Halls Face New Round of Scrutiny

    Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles County has once again come under state scrutiny because of poor conditions for youth. Photo by Dominque Ross.
    Los Angeles County leaders — already mired in years of court oversight and damning investigations — now face yet more scrutiny over the failing conditions of their local juvenile halls.


    Former Foster Youth Included in L.A. County Guaranteed Income Project

    L.A. County supervisors this week added 200 more slots to its guaranteed income program, slated for young adults raised in foster care.


    Los Angeles County Looks to Digital Tools to Assist Young Adults Leaving Foster Care

    L.A. County's new digital “Benefits Eligibility Finder” aims to help local youth get easier access to the services they need.