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Foster Parents Need to be Trained to be Loving and Welcoming to Youth of All Genders and Sexualities


Foster Parents Need to be Trained to be Loving and Welcoming to Youth of All Genders and Sexualities

Foster parents need to be trained to welcome youth of all genders and sexualities, says Youth Voice writer Jessica Castillo.

Through Rose-Colored Lenses


Should Churches Be Involved With the Department of Child and Family Services?

There are pros and cons of child welfare systems partnering with churches, but if done right, it can be effective, writes Jessica Castillo.



Biden Blasts Texas Leaders’ ‘Cynical and Dangerous’ Targeting of Transgender Youth and Their Parents

President Joe Biden released a statement on Wednesday condemning Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for ordering child abuse investigators into the homes of parents who offer support and health care to their transgender children.

Threatened with Investigations and Foster Care in Texas, Parents and Advocates Fight for Transgender Youth


Threatened with Investigations and Foster Care, Texas Parents and Advocates Fight for Transgender Youth

In Texas, an employee with the state child welfare agency is among the first parents to be investigated for accessing gender-affirming medical care for her child after an order from Gov. Greg Abbott.

Biden Team Reverses Trump Rule on Foster Placement


Human Rights Campaign Foundation Highlights LGBTQ-Affirming Care for Youth Nationwide

Leading LGBTQ civil rights organization Human Rights Campaign Foundation recently released its 2021 Change-Makers Report.

Weston Charles-Gallo describes his life as an LGBTQ foster youth.


LGBTQ Youth Make Up One Third of Foster Care, But Are Often Poorly Served

One in three foster youth identify as LGBTQ, and evidence shows they are among the most likely to face difficulty in government care.

Plaintiffs and lawmakers want the Biden administration to immediately return to an Obama-era policy of collecting voluntary data on foster youth, including sexual orientation and gender identity.


Plaintiffs, Lawmakers Seek Quick Decision on Sexual Orientation Data Collection

Tribes and advocacy groups want the federal government to once again begin collecting voluntary data about sexual orientation of foster youth and adoptees.


House Close to Barring Discrimination Against LGBTQ Foster Youth and Parents

Continuing a decade-long effort, members of Congress are rallying to prohibit federally-funded foster care agencies from discriminating against prospective parents, and to protect LGBTQ foster youth from abusive "conversion therapy."

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Advocates for LGBTQ and Native Foster Youth Sue Trump Administration, Demanding Data Expansion

Abby Abinanti, chief judge of the Yurok Tribal Court in Northern California, said tribes struggle to serve Native children in foster care because they lack information on who or where they are.