California Governor’s Veto Lets Counties Continue to Take Foster Kids’ Money

Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill preventing counties from taking benefits from orphaned or disabled children to pay for their foster care.


No Help for California Youth Denied Mental Health Care

A proposal that would have increased the number of young Californians receiving mental health care died quietly in the Legislature.

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Congress Members Look to Increase Infant-Toddler Court Teams

A new bill would provide seed money to develop community collaborations to address the unique needs of babies and toddlers.


California Weighs More Robust Support for Aging-Out Foster Youth

State lawmakers hope to upgrade a decades-old program designed to prepare young people raised in government custody for independence. 


California Bans ‘Adoption Facilitators’ Known to Engage in Questionable Practices

California has outlawed the use of unlicensed adoption brokers who match prospective parents with pregnant mothers.


Reunifications are Rare Under Minnesota Law to Restore Parental Rights

Minnesotans who've had parental rights terminated can petition to restore them. But most are denied, data from the Judicial Branch shows. 


    NY Law Would Allow Parents to Stay in Touch with Kids After Losing Legal Rights

    The law allows some parents who've lost parental rights to contact their children, even those who have been adopted into other families.


    Ambitious Efforts to Reform New York’s Juvenile Justice System Fail in the Legislature

    New York's Clean Slate Act is on its way to the governor's desk, but a slew of juvenile justice reform bills failed to pass the Legislature.


    Sibling Connections: States Take Different Approaches to Preserving Family Bonds in Foster Care 

    Thousands of children find themselves cut off from siblings when they enter foster care. Some states are working to change that.