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Amid Protest, Los Angeles County Supervisors Commit to Pre-Petition Representation


Amid Protest, L.A. County Looks to Early Legal Representation for Parents to Avoid Foster Care Removals

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to provide parents with free legal counsel at the outset of a child welfare investigation.  

NY Lawmakers Pitch Ambitious Investments in Child Welfare


New York Lawmakers Plan Ambitious Investments in Child Welfare

New York lawmakers have proposed state spending plans that call for $3 billion in investments in child care, and an increased spending on child welfare.

Universal Family Representation Requires Power Sharing


To Get Universal Family Representation, We Must Move Past Power Sharing Worries

Universal legal representation in child welfare cases is vital, but requires those with power in the field to cede some control, writes Taylor Cheeseman.

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Texas Bills Aim to Boost Parents' Rights


Center on Children and The Law Staffing Up

The American Bar Association’s Center on Children and the Law is staffing up, with the addition of four new attorneys to work on issues including kinship care and legal counsel for parents and children in child welfare cases.

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Comfort the Troubled, and Trouble the Comforted

My law students entered my virtual office dejected. Their teenage client had been accused of assault. As a result, he needed to change foster care placements, again. His mental health needs were not being addressed by the child welfare agency.


Albany Must Give Young New Yorkers A Right to Counsel Before Police Interrogations

Last fall, in a cramped interrogation room, a NYPD detective read a 17-year-old his Miranda rights and asked whether he was willing to answer questions. Sitting next to the boy was his mother.

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    The Lawyer Illusion in Child Welfare Court

    Too often, judges assume that the mere presence of legal counsel for parents in child welfare court means the system wasn't making mistakes.

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    Bar Association Report: Funding Shifts Greatly Affect Legal Counsel for Kids, Parents

    Research has shown that quality legal representation on behalf of all parties in the child welfare system improves the outcome for children and families alike. But until now, little research has been conducted on just how funding affects the ability to provide quality legal services.

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    Is Every Foster Care Removal Really an Emergency?

    Let’s say that my neighbor is upset because he believes I encroached on his property by building a fence on it. So he sneaks into court – without my knowledge – and obtains a court order from a judge requiring me to immediately remove the fence.