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Foster Youth Program Helps Companies Meet Social Responsibility Goals

For corporations today, a premium is placed on creating positive social impact more than ever before.  A company’s “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) goals often encompass cash donations, employer-matching gift programs, volunteer time and pro bono services to non-profit groups that generate tangible social benefits.


“Life in Limbo” Gains Popularity in Foster Parent Recruitment

The birth parent leans in and whispers horrific things to her child. “I don’t want you.” “I can’t protect you.” “Don’t tell anyone our family secret.” Fortunately this isn’t a glimpse into an actual parent-child interaction but rather a “Life in Limbo” role-play exercise designed to give people insights into the raw emotions experienced by those involved with the foster care system.

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Detectives on the Case for Older Foster Children

Would you know how to locate a fourth cousin to find a permanent home for a foster child? It’s not easy. That’s why St. Louis-based Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition hires private investigators to dig deeper into their cases’ family trees.


What if Harry Potter Told His Own Orphan Story? Three Film Programs Give Foster Youth Their Own Voice

Depictions of parentless characters in film range from fantastical (James Bond, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Cinderella) to more realistic (Oliver Twist, Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”). Rarely have these depictions included an account from the child about what happened and how it affected them.


Organization Creates ‘Extended Family’ For Former Foster Youth Success

Vanessa Davis lived in ten different foster homes in the San Diego area from the ages of three to 18. Having suffered abuse, she was determined to create a better life for her younger sisters.