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Kinship care has become more common in Minnesota, while child maltreatment rates seem to have stayed the same.


Michigan, Salt River Pima Tribe Approved for Federal Kinship Support

The first tribal and state governments have been approved by the Biden administration for an alternative path to licensing kinship caregivers

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Kin Guardianship Spending Has Skyrocketed Since 2010

A new report on kinship caregiving in America shows that federal spending to help relatives care for the children of loved ones as increased


Top Stories of 2023: Kin Often Fight an Uphill Battle

A selection of The Imprint’s most impactful stories from the past year


Fighting for Kin: She’s a Social Worker and Foster Parent — But a Court Won’t Let Her Adopt Her Nephews

Despite laws prioritizing kin care, Minnesota officials have sided with a foster parent vying to adopt two brothers, blindsiding their aunt.


Fighting for Kin: A Black Family Struggles to Unite with Two of its Youngest Members in Foster Care 

Challenges are myriad for an aunt seeking to adopt her nephews — from decades-old “attachment” theories to perceptions of courtroom body language.

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White House Announces Slate of Actions on Child Welfare

The Biden administration announced a mix of final and proposed rules on child welfare policy today that cover the placement of foster youth with relatives, legal representation for parents and children involved with the system, and the placement of LGBTQ youth in foster care. 


    We’re Building a New Path to Prioritize Kin

    A group of child welfare leaders are developing new recommended standards for licensing and approving kinship caregivers.

    Self-Reliance in Place of Support from Foster Care or Family


    Self-Reliance in Place of Support from Foster Care or Kinfolk

    At 18 I got everything I felt that I needed to be stable so that I don't have to ask for another thing from my family, writes Antania Goff.

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    Executive Order Pledges Better Support for LGBTQ Youth


    Biden Proposes Major Spending Shifts to Prioritize Kin, Foster Care Prevention

    President Joe Biden released a budget proposal that included funds to prioritize kinship caregivers and prevent removals from foster care.