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For Foster Youth, Family Can Bring Both Love and Disappointment

When I was a toddler, life was happy. My family was all under one roof. We were always laughing about something or arguing about something, but the love was always there.


The Recipe for Home

This essay was submitted as part of our 2019 Youth Voice Writing Contest, which asked current and former foster youth the question “What does home mean to you?”  Any normal child would define home simply as a house where you grow up with Mom and Dad to live happily together.


We Want Kids to Grow Up in Safe Families. So Let’s Measure That.

Our cultural norm of relatives and kin stepping in to help struggling families is ingrained in our history and tradition. The U.S. Supreme Court has conferred constitutional protections on the sanctity of the extended family [See Moore v.


With Foster Care Numbers at a 15-Year High, Georgia Looks to Relatives

Tom Rawlings (center), director of Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services. The agency has a goal of soon placing half of foster youth with relatives. Photo courtesy of DFCS.
When Tom Rawlings took over as director of Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) in July, he knew the agency was experiencing turbulence.


Report: RAND Predicts Greater Investment in Prevention and Kinship Care Would Make Child Welfare Better — and Save Money

Policymakers could improve outcomes for children and youth in foster care and save money at the same time by both increasing and improving child maltreatment prevention programs and kinship care, according to a new report from the RAND Corporation released last month.


New Hampshire Bill Paves Way for Grandfamilies Affected by Opioid Crisis

Like many grandparents in New Hampshire, Diane Yeo is starting her life over at age 57. In 2015, Yeo drove three hours to Falmouth, Mass., to pick up her grandchildren after their mother told Yeo that she needed a fix.


    Simone Biles Flies Through the Air Because Her Grandparents Gave Her Roots

    Some have said one of our country’s Olympic gymnasts, Simone Biles, may be the best ever. She’s wowing spectators with her skill, talent, determination and incredible spirit. She’s a grand success whose story could have so easily taken a very different turn if it wasn’t for her grandparents.