Kentucky Legislators Unanimously Pass Child Welfare Bill


Kentucky Legislators Unanimously Pass Child Welfare Bill

Nearly two months after a Kentucky judge held the state in contempt of court for the “dismal shape” of its child welfare agency, state legislators unanimously passed a bill to help address these poor conditions.

Bill Would Help States Track Down Missing Foster Children


Stimulus Aid for Former Foster Youth Isn’t Reaching Most Eligible Kentuckians

A federal stimulus package that was meant to provide aid to current and former foster youth is not reaching many Kentuckians who may need it.

Kentucky Legislators Unanimously Pass Child Welfare Bill


Kentucky Senate Advances Child Welfare Overhaul Bill

A child welfare overhaul bill that recently sped through the Kentucky Senate would, in part, explicitly distinguish poverty from neglect.

Out of State, Out of Mind


Top Stories of 2021: Hidden Foster Care

Throughout 2021, The Imprint continued reporting on how the shadow system of hidden foster care impacts parents, relatives and children.

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Kentucky Social Workers Get 10% Pay Hike Amid Job Exodus


Kentucky Social Workers Get 10% Pay Hike Amid Job Exodus

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced earlier this month that thousands of the state's essential social workers would receive a 10% pay bump

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Kentucky’s Juvenile Justice Commissioner Fired

The head of Kentucky’s Juvenile Justice Department was fired last week after a months long personnel investigation into allegations that she had harassed, bullied and intimidated employees, leaving at least one in tears.

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    Kentucky Halts Automatic Transfers on Juvenile Gun Felony Charges

    Kentucky is backing off a law it passed in the tough-on-crime 1990s under which minors age 14 or older were automatically tried on felony charges as adults if a firearm was involved in the incident.

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    Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte Plucks Child Welfare Nominee from Kentucky

    Adam Meier, who was nominated to lead Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services.
    Montana’s new Republican governor, Greg Gianforte, has named a new leader to run the state’s largest agency, the Department of Public Health and Human Services, which among other things oversees child welfare and family services.


    How Kentucky Brought the Community in on Family First Act

    Social workers, educators, judges and prosecutors, nonprofit leaders, state legislators, and many other advocates for Kentucky kids and families traveled near and far during the summer to learn more about what implementation of the federal Family First Prevention Services Act will mean for families in the Commonwealth.