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Notorious Los Angeles Children’s Shelter Was Once a ‘House of Horrors,’ Lawsuit Alleges

In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, a dozen former residents allege that they were sexually abused by staff at the now-shuttered MacLaren Children’s Center in Los Angeles County. Courtesy of Slater Slater Schulman LLP
Children lived in a “house of horrors” at one of the nation’s largest and most troubled shelters for foster youth, according to a lawsuit filed against Los Angeles County Tuesday.


L.A. County, Foster Advocates Reach Settlement of 18-Year-Old Mental Health Court Case

After 17 years of operating under a consent decree, Los Angeles County has reached an agreement to extricate itself from a long-running federal lawsuit that sought to address gaps in mental health care services for children in foster care in California.


California Clears Way for Increased Use of Therapeutic Foster Care

California counties will now be able to offer a therapeutic treatment model in a supportive family setting through its Medi-Cal services, thanks to an agreement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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New Resource: What Are “Katie A. Services” and Why Are They Critical for Youth with Mental Health Needs?

The consequences of untreated mental illness are depicted in the news a lot. Families and whole communities have been and continue to be torn apart because people with serious mental health needs aren’t getting adequate treatment.

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Big Questions for Youth Services in 2016

The curtain has closed on 2015, which was The Imprint’s third year of existence and our second full year of publishing. We have again more than doubled our page views. So Youth Services Insider begins with a hearty “Thank You” to anyone and everyone who read an article this year.


While Counties Delay Mental Health Services, Out-of-County Foster Youth Languish

For out-of-county children on a path to adoption, the lack of consistent and timely mental health resources can have especially perilous consequences.


    California Is Unlawfully Denying Mental Health Services to Medicaid Youth

    Some of the most important rights to mental health care for children and youth come from Medicaid, a federal entitlement and state partnership that guarantees help for low-income families and individuals.


    Katie A. Part Two: Sun Sets, Perhaps Prematurely, on State Settlement

    Yesterday, we began a three-part look at Katie A. v Bonta, a class-action lawsuit over mental health services for California children involved in the child welfare system. Los Angeles County settled with plaintiffs in 2003; the state settled on behalf of the other 57 counties in 2011.


    Katie A: The Present, and Future, of California’s Mental Health Mandate

    In 2002, lawyers representing foster youth in Los Angeles sued the county and California over its failure to service the mental health needs of children in or at risk of entering foster care.