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New York City Youth and Supporters Rally for Enhanced Juvenile Justice Rights

Dozens of youth and advocates gathered in the Bronx to voice support for two pivotal youth justice bills headed to the state Legislature.


A New Case Against Family Courts

A prominent attorney’s book argues that, contrary to their therapeutic reputation, family courts have long dished “punishments by other names.”

The Compounded Issues of Native Youth int he Juvenile Justice System


The Compounded Issues of Native Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Native youth are overrepresented in state and federal juvenile justice systems where they endure harsh treatment, writes Jacqueline Robles.


Supporters Vow To Continue the Work of David Inocencio, Founder of The Beat Within Magazine Written by Incarcerated Youth

Inocencio died in July after three decades of publishing writing and art from inside California juvenile halls and beyond.

Youth Services Insider


Youth First Justice Collaborative Hires New Leader

Michaela Pommells will lead the collaborative, founded by the current head of juvenile justice policy for the Biden administration. 

An old picture of three boys and their mother smiling sits inside a frame with words about family and love.


Rebuilding Family After Foster Care

Bad timing and a stint in juvenile detention prevented Matthew and Terrick from accessing resources offered to their youngest brother, Joseph.


    Black Attorneys Give Rochester Residents a Rare Chance to Query Juvenile Justice Officials in a Town Hall

    Dozens gathered in Rochester, New York, at a rare meeting of parents, community service providers, and attorneys to discuss juvenile justice.

    New Bill Would Help Foster Youth in Washington, D.C., Keep Federal Benefits


    Juvenile Court Fees and Costs Are Invisible Shackles That Tether Children to a Broken System 

    Authors argue that the fees and costs put on youth involved in the juvenile system are unjust and ineffective

    Cycling Through Foster Care and Juvenile Detention


    Cycling Through Foster Care and Juvenile Detention

    To stop the cycle of foster care and juvenile justice is to first understand how the cycle begins, writes Loe Renee.