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Coronavirus Continues to Rise in California Youth Lockups

Young people from the Pine Grove Conservation Camp juvenile inmate firefighters prepare to battle the Power Fire in Madera County. Photo courtesy of the Department of Juvenile Justice
A staggering 1 in 4 youth incarcerated in California’s prison system for juvenile offenders has been infected with the deadly coronavirus, a grim tally that has grown amid recent outbreaks.


L.A. County Moves A Step Forward in a New Approach to Juvenile Justice

Supporting radical changes to its juvenile justice system, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday endorsed a sweeping plan that would move hundreds of young people out of juvenile halls and detention camps run by the Probation Department.


The Time Has Come For Us To Stop Locking Up Other People’s Children

Julio Angel Alicea
In the past two decades, there has been an increasing interest in the linkages between schools and carceral settings, or what has been termed, the “school to prison pipeline.”


Do Public Health Agencies Hold the Key to Working with At-Risk Youth in California?

Amid a shrinking juvenile justice system, a new California bill is part of a statewide debate about how the state should serve young people at greatest risk of involvement with the criminal justice system.


For Youth in Lock-Up, Family Connection is Key

I was locked up for a year, just after I turned 17. I was at three juvenile halls for about six months and then at a juvenile camp for about five months.


Report Offers Insights on How to Trade Juvenile Incarceration for Community-Based Prevention

A new report from the Urban Institute offers guidance for local jurisdictions on how to repurpose juvenile facilities, as well as how to “capture and redirect” savings from reduced reliance on incarceration, while maximizing state and federal funding streams to create a “continuum of care” for youth and families in their own communities.


    ‘Rooms Infested With Spiders’: California Youth Urge Changes in Conditions at Juvenile Facilities

    Nearly six years after he spent more than a month locked up in a juvenile hall in Los Angeles County, Francisco Martines vividly recalled the conditions in his cell. Inside the small concrete room at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in Downey, Calif.,


    Early Death Proves More Likely for Youth Involved with Justice System

    Youth who are involved with the criminal justice system are at greater risk for early death than their peers. There is a large body of research behind this knowledge. However, less research has been done about the extent to which youth are involved with the criminal justice system, and if there are differences between mortality rates for youth who are arrested versus those who are sentenced into the adult justice system, and those who hit different stops on the spectrum in between.


    Positive Youth Justice, Part Four: William F. James Ranch, Santa Clara County, Calif.

    Last month, The Imprint began “Positive Youth Justice: Curbing Crime, Building Assets,” a series that imagines an entire continuum of juvenile justice services built on the positive youth development (PYD) framework.