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McCormack’s Dissent

The chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court had a lot to say about the child welfare system in her 12-page dissent of a recent appeal

Contributor Shay House writes that justice is Black people living in all of their glory.


Justice is Black People Living in All of Their Glory

Shay House writes that justice is Black people living in all of their glory, not being murdered because of the color of their skin.


A Progressive Community Grapples With the Reality of Juvenile Justice Reform

The small crowd carrying signs outside the county courthouse this week was classic funky Santa Cruz, folks milling about in T-shirts emblazoned with rasta and LGBTQ-themed logos, tie-dye and boho styles. But in this era of national protest over racial injustice, the protesters did not seek to reduce sentencing or end mass incarceration.


Presence of School Resource Officers Debated in Small Towns, Too

A meeting of the Rise up Kingston group. Photo courtesy of Rise Up
Two decades after schools across the country beefed up police presence on campus in response to the mass shooting at Columbine High, the uprising over the killing of George Floyd has prompted communities small and large to rethink that trend in the name of racial justice.

Youth Services Insider


Bill Would Create One Million New Apprenticeships

Known as “earn-and-learn” programs, apprenticeships could be a good way for foster youth to start careers in construction and other trades.
With lawmakers from both parties eager to help get idled Americans back to work, a bipartisan group has unveiled a bill that would put up almost $3.5 billion to create nearly 1 million new internships over the next five years, many of them for young people.


Advocates Press New York Lawmakers to Shutter Database Containing Kids’ DNA

State Sen. Robert Jackson (D) said he found the NYPD’s DNA collection practices “troubling.”
Critics say New York City isn’t moving quickly enough to shrink a contested, largely secretive database of DNA samples collected by police from potential “persons of interest,” including more than 1,600 minors and 8,000 people who have not been convicted of a crime. 


    Guards Without Masks and Tests With No Results

    Illustration by Christine Ongjoco
    A 20-year-old Northern California man stepped into freedom late last month, after serving his time in one of the state’s three youth prisons – human warehouses now struggling to beat back the coronavirus before it spreads faster through a population of 775 young people who committed crimes as juveniles.

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    Bill Prioritizes Placing Incarcerated Parents Close to Children

    The 80,000 children of New York state whose parents are locked up in distant state correctional institutions might have an easier time visiting mom or dad under a bill sitting on Gov.


    New Name. New Leadership. Same Mission.

    Dear Reader,  If you have arrived at the site today and are surprised to not see The Chronicle of Social Change masthead, fear not! The nation’s leading source for child welfare and juvenile justice news has been rebranded under our new name, The Imprint.