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Brothers Reunited: Five Hopeful, Fraught Days Inside America’s Immigration Crisis

Yordi, 20, is wan after a harrowing escape from horrors in his home country, Honduras. It is mid-July. He sits in a corporate ICE detention facility in rural Folkston, Georgia, staring into a computer screen that connects him to his 29-year-old brother Suamhirs Piraino-Guzman, thousands of miles away in Seattle.

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Sessions Rescinds Two Juvenile Justice Guidances, “Retires” OJJDP’s Online College

Heading into the holiday weekend, the Justice Department announced late this week that it would wipe out a year-old guidance on fees and fines for juvenile offenders and their families, and federal rules on a once-significant juvenile justice block grant.

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Federal Study on Transfers of Juveniles Delayed, Again

For three straight years now, a federally-commissioned study on the transfer of juveniles into the criminal court system has been delayed. But it looks like we might finally see this thing in 2017.

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Former Sessions Staffer Leading Office of Justice Programs

Jeff Sessions was confirmed on Feb. 8 to serve as Attorney General. But a large department that includes the federal juvenile justice portfolio has been led by one of his former Senate staffers since January 30.

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Another Year with No Juvenile Justice Reauthorization

The advocates are Charlie Brown. Congress is Lucy. And the football is the reauthorization of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA). Once again, momentum was established on a bill to update the bill that sets minimum federal standards for operation of state and local juvenile justice systems, particularly in regard to which youth are confined and where they are confined.

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S.10, Section 205: Jeff Sessions and Juvenile Justice

In late September, during the first of three debates, President-Elect Donald Trump excoriated Hillary Clinton for her role in foreshadowing a wave of teenage “super predators” during her time as First Lady.