Indigenous Parents’ Vision for Baby Boards in Iowa Foster Homes 

Jess Ahūgišįnįwįga Lopez-Walker not only makes traditional baby boards, she's pushing for their acceptance in the foster care system.

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Maryland and Iowa Are the Latest to be Sued Over Youth Mental Health Services

National advocacy group Children’s Rights is suing two Maryland and Iowa over their mental healthcare services for youth. 

Sibling Connections


Sibling Connections

My greatest difficulty in the foster care system was that I was always separated from my siblings, writes Laticia Aossey.

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Iowa Law to Test the Benefit of Early Legal Help in Child Welfare Cases

Iowa aims to find out if giving families in crisis early access to lawyers would improve outcomes, rather than being assigned a public defender only after a child is removed and enters the foster care system. 


I Lost Control of My Baby’s Adoption Because of the Indian Child Welfare Act. And I’m Glad It Happened.

When I was 22, I became pregnant after a one-night fling. I immediately knew I could not raise a child on my own. The father had left for basic training and, by the time I found out I was expecting, he was weeks into his new life.


Indian Country and Allies Say Goodbye to ‘Hero’ Frank LaMere

As his friend lay dying, Dennis Carlson sat beside his bed and listened to him one last time. The two men had climbed mountains together, fought for justice in dusty, forgotten places, and talked for hours over strong coffee and warm food.


    Sending Them Home

    War Eagle, a Yankton Sioux chief in the 1830s, was a friend to the white man. Specifically, to the fur trappers who traded with the Yankton Sioux, Santee Sioux, Winnebago and other Native people at the confluence of the Missouri and Big Sioux rivers just outside Sioux City, in the northwest corner of what is now Iowa.


    Moving In-Home: A Provider Changes Course to Prevent Failed Adoptions

    In 2015, Cheryl and Matthew Robben were at a loss for how to help their 9-year-old son they’d adopted from state foster care. But a lack of resources, and his out-of-control behaviors, had them looking for answers from anywhere.

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    Home Visiting: MIECHV Delay Already Hurting State, Local Programs

    Congress is set for yet another showdown on federal spending to avert a government shutdown this week. The last go-round shored up funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Another popular – albeit less politically visible – federal program has received less attention in the budget rounds: the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program, which pairs professionals with new and expecting young parents to help them with the transition into parenthood.