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Tax Plan’s Deficits Could Prompt Elimination of Major Child Welfare Programs

The common narrative on the many iterations of the Republican-led tax reform package is that it adds something in the neighborhood of $1.5 trillion to the deficit. Various ideas on how to add more revenue to the plan have been bandied about by deficit hawks in the past few days to address that deficit.

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No Brainers: Congress Should Act Quickly on Home Visiting and Foster Youth Jobs Program

Check back here tomorrow for Youth Services Insider‘s long list of youth-related federal legislation to keep an eye on this fiscal year. But we begin today with two pieces of legislation that, in Youth Services Insider‘s estimation, are no- brainers.


What We Can Expect from the Trump Administration

President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s administration and its likely policies pose many more questions than answers.  What does a Trump presidency mean for those in the child welfare field? What impact will Dr.


How the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Is Helping Hospitals Screen for Child Abuse

Together with the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office is taking steps to reduce child abuse in infants 6 months and younger. With support from a $1 million grant from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, a coalition of Ohio’s six major children’s hospitals studied how to help prevent repeated child abuse in this most vulnerable population.


Psychopathology in Young Children in Two Types of Foster Care Following Institutional Rearing

The first study to date to explore potential differences in psychiatric symptoms in children placed in different types of foster care. They assessed internalizing disorders, externalizing disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in 54-month-old children living with foster families.