Indian Child Welfare Act

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Feds Seek Tribal Input on Strengthening ICWA


Tracking Efforts to Pass State-Level ICWA Laws 

States are codifying their own versions of ICWA laws as the Brackeen v. Haaland case comes closer to a Supreme Court decision. 


Fighting to Remain Part of Their World: SCOTUS Decides the Fate of Indigenous Foster Children

Abena Hutchful writes that for Indigenous children, access to their own culture's stories may hinge on the Supreme Court's ICWA decision.


Why I’m Fighting for the Indian Child Welfare Act

Raising my granddaughter was a gift only made possible by the Indian Child Welfare Act, a law that's at risk of being overturned by the Supreme Court this year.


With Supporters from Indian Country Looking on, Minnesota Lawmakers Vote to Protect Indigenous Families

Minnesota's state Legislature has approved a bill that affirms the “inherent authority” of tribes to handle Indian child custody proceedings.

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North Dakota Introduces State ICWA Bill

North Dakota is the latest in a list of states considering legislation to create a state version of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act. 

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ICWA Applies in Private Family Custody Arrangements, Montana Supreme Court Rules

Montana' Supreme Court has ruled that ICWA applies to private-party custody arrangements, overturning previous Montana case law.

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    Wyoming Considers Codifying Indian Child Welfare Act Protections in State Law

    Wyoming takes steps to preserve ICWA protections for Native families as the future of the act is debated in the Supreme Court.


    Best Interests Standard is a Judicial False Idol

    Vivek Sankaran on what the "best interests standard" really means in child welfare cases.


    The Fate of Indian Child Welfare Before the Supreme Court: Race, Commerce and Commandeering

    What you need to know to follow the arguments in next week's Supreme Court case over the fate of the Indian Child Welfare Act