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What’s In The Coronavirus Stimulus for Youth and Family Services

Congress passed, and President Trump has signed, the CARES Act, a massive piece of stimulus legislation aimed at shoring up the American economy and protecting workers and businesses in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.

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Human Services Leaders: $60 Billion Needed From Congress, ‘Essential Service’ Status from States and Counties

The airline, restaurant and hotel industries are being battered by a lack of customers. The healthcare industry is bracing for a frightening surge in usage that will likely present challenges to the capacity of hospitals and other medical centers. 

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The Donation Drain: Tax Reform is Sapping Charitable Giving, Leaders Say

Charitable giving by individuals declined sharply in 2018, and advocates in the human service sector fear the reason behind it suggests a permanent downward adjustment in donor giving. Giving by individuals totaled $292 billion in 2018, a 3.4 percent decline when adjusted for inflation, according to the annual report by Giving USA.

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Bill Introduced to Make Charitable Donations Deductible for Everyone

Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) has introduced legislation aimed at raising the amount of charitable giving in America by adding a new incentive at tax time, which nonprofit leaders say is more important than ever as a consequence of the recent tax reform passed in 2017.

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New Governors Start Appointing Child Welfare Leadership (UPDATED)

Since January, several new governors have hit the ground running with new leadership to oversee family services, maltreatment prevention, foster care and adoption. Here are a the states where new directors have already been announced for those spots.

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Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Lays Out New Plan for Policy Work

In August, Youth Services Insider reported on a leadership shakeup at the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. The entire staff of the Washington, D.C., office was let go as the membership organization, which represents hundreds of family and youth services agencies around the country, sought to rebuild its Beltway presence.

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    Ilana Levinson to Lead Alliance for Strong Families and Communities D.C. Office

    In August, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities laid off the staff of its headquarters in Washington, D.C., signaling plans for a change in the way the membership organization did business in the nation’s capital.


    The Right Investments in Young Adult Parents Can Make America Stronger

    Stressful times push people to the limits. For many young people, stress comes from tuition bills, roommates who are late on rent, and job interviews that might have gone better with the right degree or certificate in hand.


    Coming Together to Create the Child Welfare System We All Want

    Our nation’s future vitality depends upon all children having the opportunity to grow into healthy, successful, socially and civically engaged adults. Essential to that process is ensuring that children have access to stable, nurturing relationships and the resources needed to support their development.