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Bill Would Remove Barriers to Foster Youth Getting Driver’s Licenses


Legislation Would Remove Barriers to Foster Youth Getting Driver’s Licenses

A bill in the House of Representatives would make it easier for current and former foster youth to obtain a driver’s license and other driving essentials.


Report: Anti-LGBTQ Laws Across the U.S. Hamper a Huge, Untapped Pool of Prospective Adoptive and Foster Parents

Since the U.S. legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, several states have passed laws allowing publicly funded child welfare organizations to exclude millions of LGBTQ adults as potential foster parents. This, combined with a Trump administration executive order on religious liberty, is cause for concern over the future of child welfare programs, according to a new policy brief from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).


How Status Offenses Shape a Youth’s Path Through the Justice System

A new report released by the Vera Institute of Justice reveals the detrimental consequences of status offenses on youth on probation. In Just Kids: When Misbehaving is a Crime, Mahsa Jafarian and Vidhya Ananthakrishnan describe how status offenses unfairly criminalize young people and increase the likelihood of youth partaking in more serious criminal activity.


House and Senate Budgets Propose Slashing Family Planning Program Funding

Both houses of Congress proposed measures last month to decrease funding for the Title X Family Planning program and the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program for the 2016 fiscal budget. Title X of the Public Health Service Act gives low-income people access to contraception, counseling and screening for sexually transmitted infections, while the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program focuses a similar array of services on teens and vulnerable subpopulations.


Capital View on Kids

The latest news on children and families in Washington D.C. Affordable Care Act Stands Along With Children’s Provisions On Thursday, June 28 the Supreme Court ruled in National Federation of Independent Businesses V.