A Pipeline to Housing Stability After Foster Care


Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts

Congressional intern Anna Rose Thelemaque wants to open up housing access specifically for former foster youth and those aging out.

Former Foster Youth Lack Adequate Access to Affordable Housing


Lessen the Requirements for Permanent Supportive Housing

By creating these requirements, we are demanding our homeless populations to prove that they are worthy of housing, writes Alex Furtado.

Parental Rights for Those Involved in Foster Care


The Costs of a Failing System

We use taxpayers dollars to fund a system that is morally bankrupt, where children and social workers suffer, writes Kenyon Lee Whitman.

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Advocates Say New Mexico Should do Better, in Response to Child Welfare Settlement Report


Landlord Incentive Program Helps House Young Adults At Risk Of Homelessness

A new program in New Mexico would give financial incentives to landlords who provide housing options for youth aging out of foster care and young adults facing homelessness.

Upstream City - Intentional Investment in the Social Fabric of Neighborhoods Can Lift Families


Upstream City: Policies that Scaffold Family Life

Despite promising headwinds in "upstream" investments, New York’s safety net remains difficult and time-consuming to access and full of holes, writes Nora McCarthy.

future for foster youth


Imagining a New Future for Foster Youth — This Time, With Youth

Youth in foster care want to be part of co-creating a better future with policy makers and the public, writes Jennifer Rodriguez.

    In its Initial Budget, L.A. County Pledges to Invest in Youth Jobs


    In Its Initial Budget, L.A. County Pledges to Invest in Youth Jobs

    In its initial budget, Los Angeles County is pledging nearly $16 million next year to provide paying jobs and internships to young people.

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    A Federal Bill Could Boost Funds for Home Visiting Program for Parents


    What’s in the 2022 Federal Spending Deal for Children and Families

    The federal spending plan for 2022 is a $1.5 trillion package with billions slated for child welfare, youth justice and family homelessness.

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    Guidance Process Finally Underway for Housing After Foster Care Program

    A coalition of current and former foster youth conceived of and pushed for the Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act, which became law in late 2020.
    After more than a year in development, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued official rules and regulations for states around the Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act, which codified in law a program to support housing stability for youth who age out of foster care.