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As Buffalo Home Visitors Face Layoffs, Early Childhood Advocates Urge Statewide Investment

First-time mom Engracia Sampaio-Dunn was thrilled to learn she could receive weekly home visits to help guide her through her pregnancy and motherhood.


Home Visitors Left to Check on Parents from Afar

Ebony Middlebrook has spent a decade dropping by the homes of Los Angeles newborns and their families as a “home visitor” for Welcome Baby, a free program that coaches moms and dads on issues like early childhood development, breastfeeding, recognizing the signs of postpartum depression, and obtaining medical coverage. 


Advice from Washington Family Services Provider: ‘Tsunami’ Is Coming Your Way

Last June, Dave Newell left Nebraska to take the helm of the Children’s Home Society of Washington (CHSW), a major community-based services provider based in Seattle. He now finds him in the center of the nation’s worst coronavirus hotspot, trying to balance between the health of his staff, clients and organization. 


L.A. County Hopes to Improve Home Visiting Options for Homeless Moms

With homelessness among women and children rising in Los Angeles, county leaders are looking to offer more home visiting services to new mothers and their babies living in shelters, jails and mental health facilities.

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Methadone Treatment and a Program for New Parents Approved for New Federal Child Welfare Law

The new clearinghouse for the Family First Prevention Services Act has approved another parent support program and a substance abuse treatment model. Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) uses medically-prescribed methadone to reduce the use of heroin and other opioids by people struggling with addiction and dependency.


Connecting Home Visiting, Early Care and Education Will Benefit Families

Early care and education (ECE) and home visiting are both services that greatly benefit kids and their families. But these services are often not well coordinated at the state and local level.


    New Data Tool Measures Health of Every Baby Born in California

    As California considers a raft of new early childhood investments, a new tool offers to provide information about the resources available to each of the nearly half a million babies born in the state every year.


    Gavin Newsom, California’s Family Man

    On Monday, Gavin Newsom was sworn is as California’s 40th governor. He is the father of four young children, one of whom ended up stealing the show. At one point during Newsom’s 20-minute address his youngest son, 2-year-old Dutch, toddled up on stage.


    A Look Back at 2018: The Year in Youth Services

    2018 was a momentous year for The Imprint. We continued to extend our roots to new parts of the country (including New York, Michigan and Arizona) while embarking on ambitious national projects (including “Who Cares,” our annual effort to gauge state foster care capacity).